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The Discriminatory Legal Barrier of Partner Consent in Victorian ART Law: EHT18 v Melbourne IVF
Medical Law Review 2019-04-21

Did Bioethics Matter? A History of Autonomy, Consent, and Intersex Genital Surgery
Medical Law Review 2019-04-20

Adolescents and Body Modification for Gender Identity Expression
Medical Law Review 2019-04-20

The Abolition or Reform of Mental Health Law: How Should the Law Recognise and Respond to the Vulnerability of Persons with Mental Impairment?
Medical Law Review 2019-04-13

Regulating Child Sex Robots: Restriction or Experimentation?
Medical Law Review 2019-04-02

Who Should We Blame for Healthcare Failings? Lessons from the French Tainted Blood Scandal
Medical Law Review 2019-03-06

Competing Professional Knowledge Claims About Mental Capacity in the Court of Protection
Medical Law Review 2019-02-12

Hii Chii Kok v (1) Ooi Peng Jin London Lucien; (2) National Cancer Centre: Modifying Montgomery
Medical Law Review 2019-01-29

What is the Responsibility of Australian Medical Professionals Whose Patients Travel Abroad for Assisted Reproduction?
Medical Law Review 2019-01-28

Walking the line: Balancing access to research and protecting prisoners
Medical Law Review 2019-01-21

An NHS Trust and others v Y and another [2018] UKSC 46: Reducing the Role of the Courts in Treatment Withdrawal
Medical Law Review 2019-01-16

The Impatient Patient and the Unreceptive Receptionist: Darnley v Croydon Health Services NHS Trust [2018] UKSC 50
Medical Law Review 2018-12-28

Protecting the Rights of Children with Intersex Conditions from Nonconsensual Gender-Conforming Medical Interventions: The View from Europe
Medical Law Review 2018-12-13

Too expensive to treat? Non-treatment decisions at the margins of viability
Medical Law Review 2018-11-14

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