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Category: Communication

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Individual pastime or focused social interaction: Gendered gaming practices among Danish youth
New Media & Society 2019-01-16

Moderator engagement and community development in the age of algorithms
New Media & Society 2019-01-11

Analyzing change in network polarization
New Media & Society 2019-01-10

Book Review
New Media & Society 2019-01-09

“A group that’s just women for women”: Feminist affordances of private Facebook groups for professionals
New Media & Society 2019-01-08

Information before information theory: The politics of data beyond the perspective of communication
New Media & Society 2019-01-04

Inequalities in the social use of the Internet of things: A capital and skills perspective
New Media & Society 2019-01-04

Robot Rights
New Media & Society 2019-01-04

Giving Voice: Mobile Communication, Disability, and Inequality
New Media & Society 2019-01-02

#malefitspo: Links between viewing fitspiration posts, muscular-ideal internalisation, appearance comparisons, body satisfaction, and exercise motivation in men
New Media & Society 2019-01-02

Book Review: Streaming music: Practices, media, cultures
New Media & Society 2018-12-29

Digitized narratives of sexual violence: Making sexual violence felt and known through digital disclosures
New Media & Society 2018-12-29

How Silicon Valley sets time
New Media & Society 2018-12-25

Researching far right groups on Twitter: Methodological challenges 2.0
New Media & Society 2018-12-19

Reclaiming fair use: How to put balance back in copyright
New Media & Society 2018-12-19

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