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Latest papers

Who wins the most when everybody wins? Predicting candidate performance in an authoritarian election
Democratization 2019-06-21

Political institutions and FDI inflows in autocratic countries
Democratization 2019-06-21

Polity: demystifying democracy in Latin America and beyond
Democratization 2019-06-21

The legislature and agenda politics of social welfare: a comparative analysis of authoritarian and democratic regimes in South Korea
Democratization 2019-06-13

Life after dictatorship: authoritarian successor parties worldwide, edited by Loxton, James, and Scott Mainwaring
Democratization 2019-06-04

Civic activism unleashed: new hope or false dawn for democracy? by Richard Youngs
Democratization 2019-06-04

Institutional legitimacy in sub-Saharan Africa
Democratization 2019-06-04

The authoritarian public sphere. Legitimation and autocratic power in North Korea, Burma, and China, by Alexander Dukalskis
Democratization 2019-05-31

Is there difference in democracy promotion? A comparison of German and US democracy assistance in transitional Tunisia
Democratization 2019-05-22

State of the world 2018: democracy facing global challenges
Democratization 2019-05-22

How dictatorships work: power, personalization, and collapse, by Barbara Geddes, Joseph Wright, and Erica Frantz
Democratization 2019-05-16

Muslim democratic parties in the Middle East: economy and politics of Islamist moderation, by A. Kadir Yildirim
Democratization 2019-05-16

Veto power and power-sharing: insights from Burundi (2000–2018)
Democratization 2019-05-16

Egypt in a time of revolution: contentious politics and the Arab spring, by Neil Ketchley
Democratization 2019-05-14

Communism’s shadow. Historical legacies and contemporary political attitudes, by Grigore Pop-Eleches and Joshua A. Tucker
Democratization 2019-05-14

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