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Last papers from Democratization

The limits to judicial independence: Cambodia’s political culture and the civil law
Democratization 2018-12-04

Negotiating international civil society support: the case of Ethiopia’s 2009 Charities and Societies Proclamation
Democratization 2018-12-03

Democratic sanctions meet black knight support: revisiting the Belarusian case
Democratization 2018-11-29

The Mahathir effect in Malaysia’s 2018 election: the role of credible personalities in regime transitions
Democratization 2018-11-29

The right-wing populism of India’s Bharatiya Janata Party (and why comparativists should care)
Democratization 2018-11-29

Violence in African elections: between democracy and big man politics, edited by Mimmi Söderberg Kovacs and Jesper Bjarnesen
Democratization 2018-11-27

Democratic innovation beyond deliberative reflection: the plebiscitary rebound and the advent of action-oriented democracy
Democratization 2018-11-24

Parallel authoritarian powers: an explanation of Mexico’s authoritarian regime breakdown
Democratization 2018-11-20

A tale of culture-bound regime evolution: the centennial democratic trend and its recent reversal
Democratization 2018-11-14

Between military rule and democracy: regime consolidation in Greece, Turkey, and beyond, by Yaprak Gürsoy
Democratization 2018-11-12

Introduction: absorbing the four methodological disruptions in democratization research?
Democratization 2018-11-07

Democracy as an equilibrium: rational choice and formal political theory in democratization research
Democratization 2018-11-07

Case-based research on democratization
Democratization 2018-11-07

Democratization Articles Dataset: an introduction
Democratization 2018-11-07

Multi-methodology research and democratization studies: intellectual bridges among islands of specialization
Democratization 2018-11-07

Statistical analysis of democratization: a constructive critique
Democratization 2018-11-07