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Latest papers

Contestations around water allocation during a climate crisis in India: The case of ‘IPL vs. drought’
Global Environmental Change 2019-06-18

Weaponizing vulnerability to climate change
Global Environmental Change 2019-06-15

Perceptions of climate and climate change by Amazonian communities
Global Environmental Change 2019-06-13

The Expansion of Intensive Beef Farming to the Brazilian Amazon
Global Environmental Change 2019-06-01

Cotton certification in Sub-Saharan Africa: Promotion of environmental sustainability or greenwashing?
Global Environmental Change 2019-06-01

Future impacts of environmental factors on achieving the SDG target on child mortality—A synergistic assessment
Global Environmental Change 2019-05-30

Climatic variability and changing reproductive goals in Sub-Saharan Africa
Global Environmental Change 2019-05-29

Global patterns of fisheries conflict: Forty years of data
Global Environmental Change 2019-05-27

Human health as a motivator for climate change mitigation: results from four European high-income countries
Global Environmental Change 2019-05-26

Empirical evidence of declining global vulnerability to climate-related hazards
Global Environmental Change 2019-05-25

The market for sustainable seafood drives transformative change in fishery social-ecological systems
Global Environmental Change 2019-05-24

Cross-site analysis of perceived ecosystem service benefits in multifunctional landscapes
Global Environmental Change 2019-05-08

Counter-conducts and the green grab: Forest peoples’ resistance to industrial resource extraction in the Saracá-Taquera National Forest, Brazilian Amazonia
Global Environmental Change 2019-05-01

Climate variability and individual motivations for participating in political violence
Global Environmental Change 2019-04-28

Disrupting path dependency: Making room for Indigenous knowledge in river management
Global Environmental Change 2019-04-28

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