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Latest papers

Aspirational paternity and the female gaze on Korean reality–variety TV
Media, Culture & Society 2019-06-12

From online strangers to offline friends: a qualitative study of video game players in Hong Kong
Media, Culture & Society 2019-06-12

The adapted position: preparing political contents for a hybrid media environment
Media, Culture & Society 2019-06-12

What does Facebook ‘afford’ do-it-yourself musicians? Considering social media affordances as sites of contestation
Media, Culture & Society 2019-06-12

The ecosystem of a ‘wealth-tech’ culture: the birth of networked financial subjects in South Korea
Media, Culture & Society 2019-06-12

The paradox and continuum of digital disengagement: denaturalising digital sociality and technological connectivity
Media, Culture & Society 2019-05-30

Gaining trust: the articulation of transparency by You Tube fashion and beauty content creators
Media, Culture & Society 2019-05-13

‘That’s not necessarily for them’: LGBTIQ+ young people, social media platform affordances and identity curation
Media, Culture & Society 2019-05-13

The human core of the public realm: women prisoners’ performed ‘radio’ at the Majdanek concentration camp
Media, Culture & Society 2019-05-09

The invention of the Mideu: redefining American television in South Korea
Media, Culture & Society 2019-05-09

‘Welcome to selfiestan’: identity and the networked gaze in Indian mobile media
Media, Culture & Society 2019-05-09

BBC arts programming: a service for citizens or a product for consumers?
Media, Culture & Society 2019-05-06

Misrecognising the value of voice: anticipating inclusion beyond mainstream mediations of race and migration
Media, Culture & Society 2019-04-19

Peripheral capital goes global: Naspers, globalisation and global media contraflow
Media, Culture & Society 2019-04-19

How has the fight for anonymity and privacy advanced since Snowden’s whistle-blowing?
Media, Culture & Society 2019-04-11

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