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Category: Sociology Communication

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     Median: 37
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Studying the Nordic Resistance Movement: three urgent questions for researchers of contemporary neo-Nazis and their media practices
Media, Culture & Society 2019-02-16

Fauda television series and the turning of asymmetrical conflict into television entertainment
Media, Culture & Society 2019-02-16

Material and sensory dimensions of everyday news use
Media, Culture & Society 2019-02-05

A mission to converge for inclusion? The smart city and the women of Seelampur
Media, Culture & Society 2019-02-05

An unnatural split: how ‘human interest’ sucks the life from significant news
Media, Culture & Society 2019-02-05

Reporting on domestic violence in the Irish media: an exploratory study of journalists’ perceptions and practices
Media, Culture & Society 2019-01-22

From Titanic to Game of Thrones: Promoting Belfast as a Global Media Capital
Media, Culture & Society 2019-01-21

Digital use and mistrust in the aftermath of the Arab Spring: beyond narratives of liberation and disillusionment
Media, Culture & Society 2019-01-17

From reel life to real social change: the role of contemporary social-issue documentary in U.S. public policy
Media, Culture & Society 2019-01-17

Hulu, streaming, and the contemporary television ecosystem
Media, Culture & Society 2019-01-17

Origins and transformations: histories of communication study
Media, Culture & Society 2019-01-15

Jio sparks Disruption 2.0: infrastructural imaginaries and platform ecosystems in ‘Digital India’
Media, Culture & Society 2018-12-21

Impersonal subjectivation from platforms to infrastructures
Media, Culture & Society 2018-12-20

The impacts of live streaming and Twitch.tv on the video game industry
Media, Culture & Society 2018-12-20

Review essay: How Platforms Shape Public Values and Public Discourse
Media, Culture & Society 2018-12-20

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