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Latest papers

Book Review: Steve Fuller, Post-Truth: Knowledge as a Power Game
Sociology 2019-04-12

Book Review: Tracy Shildrick, Poverty Propaganda: Exploring the Myths
Sociology 2019-04-12

Teaching Grenfell: The Role of Emotions in Teaching and Learning for Social Change
Sociology 2019-04-11

‘You Can’t Just Stick with Those You Like’: Why Friendship Practices Threaten Fraternal Life in Cistercian Monasteries
Sociology 2019-04-09

The Rhetoric of Recessions: How British Newspapers Talk about the Poor When Unemployment Rises, 1896–2000
Sociology 2019-04-09

From Class Politics to Classed Politics
Sociology 2019-04-09

‘Brewing the Truth’: Craft Beer, Class and Place in Contemporary London
Sociology 2019-04-09

Living Alone Together: Individualized Collectivism in Swedish Communal Housing
Sociology 2019-04-03

Ageing in a Gentrifying Neighbourhood: Experiences of Community Change in Later Life
Sociology 2019-04-01

Book Review: Sarah Neal, Katy Bennett, Allen Cochrane and Giles Mohan, Lived Experiences of Multiculture: The New Social and Spatial Relations of Diversity
Sociology 2019-03-29

Book Review: Kalwant Bhopal, White Privilege: The Myth of a Post-Racial Society
Sociology 2019-03-27

The Role of the Steelworker Occupational Community in the Internalization of Industrial Restructuring: The ‘Layering Up’ of Collective Proximal and Distal Experiences
Sociology 2019-03-21

Book Review: Tracey Jensen, Parenting the Crisis: The Cultural Politics of Parent-Blame
Sociology 2019-03-18

Editorial Foreword
Sociology 2019-03-12

Symbolic Class Struggles and the Intersection of Socioeconomic, Cultural and Moral Categorisations
Sociology 2019-02-25

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