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Latest papers

The economic practices of US congregations: A review of current research and future opportunities
Social Compass 2019-06-04

Engendering liminality: The experience of re-enchantment in wild woman workshops
Social Compass 2019-05-23

Holy Ghost feasts in Tambor de Mina cult houses: Modes of articulations
Social Compass 2019-05-13

‘Entering a gigantic maze:’ The ambivalent presence of previous-life memories in Druze discourse
Social Compass 2019-03-28

One to serve them all. The growth of chaplaincy in public institutions in Denmark
Social Compass 2019-03-28

Les quatre saisons du Renouveau charismatique, 1967–2017
Social Compass 2019-03-28

Religious practice versus subjective religiosity: Catholics and those with ‘no religion’ in the French 2017 presidential election
Social Compass 2019-03-28

Régler l’heure de religion : l’enseignement de la religion catholique comme dispositif administratif entre les écoles publiques italiennes et l’Église catholique
Social Compass 2019-03-27

Securitization, Islamic chaplaincy, and the issue of (de)radicalization of Muslim detainees in Dutch prisons
Social Compass 2019-03-27

Spiritism as a target of ‘annihilation’ – conceptual clarification and exemplification of a rhetorical strategy
Social Compass 2019-03-27

Exploring the relationship between holistic spirituality and gender essentialism among Swiss university students
Social Compass 2019-03-26

‘The power of a simple gift’: The ethics of children’s evangelization by Christian NGOs in Côte d’Ivoire
Social Compass 2019-03-21

Social Compass 2019-02-15

Les politiques du soufisme en France : le cas de la Qādiriyya Būdshīshiyya
Social Compass 2019-01-21

From religious to secular place-making: How does the secular matter for religious place construction in the local?
Social Compass 2019-01-17

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