Cooperation and Conflict

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Rhetorical adaptation, normative resistance and international order-making: China’s advancement of the responsibility to protect
Cooperation and Conflict 2019-06-20

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Review of everyday International Relations Cooperation and Conflict special issue
Cooperation and Conflict 2019-04-10

Understanding conflict-related sexual violence and the ‘everyday’ experience of conflict through witness testimonies
Cooperation and Conflict 2019-04-08

Circuits, the everyday and international relations: Connecting the home to the international and transnational
Cooperation and Conflict 2019-03-08

Shaming by international organizations: Mapping condemnatory speech acts across 27 international organizations, 1980–2015
Cooperation and Conflict 2019-03-07

Status seeking in the friendly Nordic neighborhood
Cooperation and Conflict 2019-02-15

The peacenik and the spook as the diplomatic avant-garde
Cooperation and Conflict 2019-02-07

Learning to deploy civilian capabilities: How the United Nations, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe and European Union have changed their crisis management institutions
Cooperation and Conflict 2019-01-29

Perceptions of EU mediation and mediation effectiveness: Comparing perspectives from Ukraine and the EU
Cooperation and Conflict 2019-01-24

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