The data at OOIR can be used freely under a CC0 license (unless they pertain to other sources that may have protected the data, which may be the case with the Altmetric Attention Scores and for the Journal Impact Factors; for the former, contact Digital Science or Altmetric.com, and for the latter, contact Clarivate Analytics or Web of Science).


To offer easier access, OOIR provides a simple JSON-API.

Please use this URL: https://ooir.org/v2/api.php with additional fields and values.

Required information

  • email: specifying your contact e-mail address.
  • type: which can be either journal-metrics or paper-trends (see below).
  • If the type is journal-metrics, then issn is required.
  • If the type is paper-trends, then day is required.

Journal metrics

Use the type of journal-metrics with an issn, as in api.php?type=journal-metrics&issn=0092-8674.

Optional fields are metric (possible values: average, median, tqcc, hindex, papers) and month (YYYY-MM, starting with 2023-01).

Paper trends

Use the type of paper-trends with a day, as in api.php?type=paper-trends&day=2023-02-14. The earliest possible day is 2023-02-03.

Optional fields are field and category (only jointly), as in api.php?type=paper-trends&day=2023-02-14&field=Social+Sciences&category=Political+Science.