OOIR | 2019-07-15
With the new Impact Factors from 2018 having been published by Web of Science, a number of new journals were added to (and a few others removed from) each social science category.
Analysis | 2019-07-10
From a total of 786 indexed journals, 678 journals (or 86%) deposit metadata at CrossRef. OOIR's algorithms have so far fetched papers from 651 journals (83%). Which journals are missing, and why do OOIR’s scripts fail to find their papers?
Active journals in the past 3 days:
New papers in 'All Categories' in the past 7 days:
Did you know ... ?
Highest number of references per paper (category 'All Categories'):
(only counting papers from the past 6 months in journals with at least 10 papers during that period)