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Latest papers

Relationships between land use changes, stakeholders, and national scenic area administrations: A case study of Mount Jinfo and its surroundings in China
Environment and Planning C 2019-03-20

Sentio ergo sum: House paint as politics of the radically mundane
Environment and Planning C 2019-03-20

Affecting migration: Public information campaigns and the intimate spatialities of border enforcement
Environment and Planning C 2019-03-15

Securitization of climate change: How invoking global dangers for instrumental ends can backfire
Environment and Planning C 2019-03-14

Bureaucracy, case geography and the governance of the inebriate in Scotland (1898–1918)
Environment and Planning C 2019-03-13

“It belongs to the world.” Oil, conservation and futures in the making in Lofoten, Norway
Environment and Planning C 2019-03-13

Everyday politics of austerity: Infrastructure and vulnerability in times of crisis
Environment and Planning C 2019-02-27

Relational governance, distributed agency and the unfolding of movements, habits and environments: Parking practices and regulations in England
Environment and Planning C 2019-02-21

The common-seekers: Capturing and reclaiming value in the platform metropolis
Environment and Planning C 2019-02-16

Decentralization and the quality of public services: Cross-country evidence from educational data
Environment and Planning C 2019-01-31

From stage-managed planning towards a more imaginative and inclusive strategic spatial planning
Environment and Planning C 2019-01-31

Gowns, globalization, and “global intimate mapping”: Geovisualizing Uganda’s wedding industry
Environment and Planning C 2019-01-30

Conferences, award ceremonies and the showcasing of ‘best practice’: A case study of the annual European Week of Regions and Cities in Brussels
Environment and Planning C 2019-01-29

Why did Cornwall vote for Brexit? Assessing the implications for EU structural funding programmes
Environment and Planning C 2019-01-19

An evolutionary perspective on experimental local governance arrangements with local governments and residents in Dutch rural areas of depopulation
Environment and Planning C 2019-01-10

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