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Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Founded in: 1980
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Twitter: @urbgeog
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Category: Geography

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Latest papers

New dynamics of rent gap formation in New York City rent-regulated housing: privatization, financialization, and uneven development
Urban Geography 2019-04-14

Policy-failing: a repealed right to shelter
Urban Geography 2019-04-03

A resurgence in urban living? Trends in residential location patterns of young and older adults since 2000
Urban Geography 2019-04-03

The assemblage and making of suburbs in post-reform China: the case of Guangzhou
Urban Geography 2019-04-02

Creating public space, creating ‘the public’: immigration politics and representation in two Copenhagen parks
Urban Geography 2019-03-29

Urban pulse: emerging trends in urbanizing Palestine: neglected city-builders beyond the occupation
Urban Geography 2019-03-29

Data, dispossession, and Facebook: techno-imperialism and toponymy in gentrifying San Francisco
Urban Geography 2019-03-28

The limits of university regionalism
Urban Geography 2019-03-20

Fixing financialization in the credit-constrained city
Urban Geography 2019-03-08

Gentrification in Porto: floating city users and internationally-driven urban change
Urban Geography 2019-02-27

Engaging with “urban science”
Urban Geography 2019-02-27

The price ripple effect in the Vancouver housing market
Urban Geography 2019-02-27

Megalopolitan glocalization: the evolving relational economic geography of intercity knowledge linkages within and beyond China’s Yangtze River Delta region, 2004-2014
Urban Geography 2019-02-27

Revisiting gateway cities: connecting hubs in global networks to their hinterlands
Urban Geography 2019-02-26

Urban policy (im)mobilities and refractory policy lessons: experimenting with the sustainability fix
Urban Geography 2019-02-15

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