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Publisher: De Gruyter
Founded in: 1981
URL: https://www.degruyter.com/view/j/text
• 80/86 in Communication (Web of Science 2017)
Category: Communication

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     Median: 1
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“The helm is lost!”: Reframing psychological matters in non-routine technologically mediated interaction in a maritime context
Text & Talk 2019-03-06

Grammatical choices of ditransitive patterns in academic articles
Text & Talk 2019-03-05

New biomedical practices and discourses: Focus on surrogacy
Text & Talk 2019-03-05

Self-quotations and politeness: The construction of discourse events and its pragmatic implications
Text & Talk 2019-03-05

Adjective complementation patterns and judgement: Aligning lexical-grammatical and discourse-semantic approaches in appraisal research
Text & Talk 2019-02-28

Text & Talk 2019-02-04

‘Showing one’s card’: Negotiating disclosure through game play in juvenile probation
Text & Talk 2019-02-01

Genre shifts in Israeli campaign advertisements: Strategies and rhetorical functions
Text & Talk 2019-01-31

Legitimation strategies and theistic worldview in sociopolitical discourse: A systemic functional critical discourse analysis of Pakistani social media discussions
Text & Talk 2019-01-26

An earthquake or a category 4 financial storm? A corpus study of disaster metaphors in the media framing of the 2008 financial crisis
Text & Talk 2019-01-25

The construction of relational frame model in Chinese President Xi Jinping’s foreign visit speeches
Text & Talk 2019-01-25

Acting out on Twitter: Affordances for animating reported speech in written computer-mediated communication
Text & Talk 2018-12-15

Web-TV as a backstage activity: Emerging forms of audience address in the post-broadcast era
Text & Talk 2018-12-15

‘My almost-leggings-so-I’m-kind-of-cheating jeans’: Exploring hyphenated phrasal expressions in fashion discourse
Text & Talk 2018-12-15

Virtual communities: Interaction, identity and authority in digital communication
Text & Talk 2018-12-15

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