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Latest papers

“Everything that I’ve Done Has Always Been Multiethnic”: Biographical Work among Leaders of Multiracial Churches
Sociology of Religion 2019-02-02

The Influence of Your Neighbors’ Religions, Your Attitudes and Behaviors, and Your Community
Sociology of Religion 2019-01-28

Estranged Pioneers: The Case of African American and Asian American Multiracial Church Pastors
Sociology of Religion 2019-01-25

Conforming Choices: Peer Influence, Adoption, and Interpretation of the Islamic Headscarf in Indonesia
Sociology of Religion 2019-01-14

The Unexpected Orthodoxy of Donald J. Trump: White Evangelical Support for the 45th President of the United States
Sociology of Religion 2018-12-20

Faithful Measures: New Methods in the Measurement of Religion, edited by ROGER FINKE and CHRISTOPHER D. BADER
Sociology of Religion 2018-12-20

How UK Scientists Legitimize Religion and Science Through Boundary Work
Sociology of Religion 2018-12-20

ASR News & Announcements
Sociology of Religion 2018-12-17

Finding a Seat at the Table: How Race Shapes Access to Social Capital
Sociology of Religion 2018-12-17

Measuring Morals, Not Knowledge
Sociology of Religion 2018-12-12

Speaking Qur’an: An American Scripture, by Timur R. Yuskaev
Sociology of Religion 2018-12-10

Religion and Progressive Activism: New Stories About Faith and Politics, edited by Ruth Braunstein, Todd Nicholas Fuist, and Rhys H. Williams
Sociology of Religion 2018-12-10

Deconstructing a Research Journey: Methods and Lessons of the Religious Leadership and Diversity Project
Sociology of Religion 2018-12-09

Cowboy Christians
Sociology of Religion 2018-12-08

Ekklesia: Three Inquiries in Church and State
Sociology of Religion 2018-12-08

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