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Latest papers

Early Modern Media and the News in Europe: Perspectives from the Dutch Angle
Dutch Crossing 2019-05-22

Jan Van Doesborch and the History of Euryalus and Lucretia
Dutch Crossing 2019-05-21

Sugar, Slave-Owning, Suriname and the Dutch Imperial Entanglement of the Scottish Highlands before 1707
Dutch Crossing 2019-05-10

From ‘Peripheries’ to ‘Centres’, Westwards: On the Influence of Katarzyna Kobro on Georges Vantongerloo
Dutch Crossing 2019-05-09

‘I, Who Used to Serve as Jupiter’s Lightning on Earth’: Geeraerdt Brandt’s De Veinzende Torquatus (1645), Providentially Assigned Stadtholders and the Politics of Rational Deception
Dutch Crossing 2019-05-08

Why Sir Philip Sidney Chose the Dutch National Anthem as the Tune for a Song
Dutch Crossing 2019-02-18

The Gold of the Vanquished. Belgian Claims on the Order of the Golden Fleece’s Treasure in the Aftermath of the First World War
Dutch Crossing 2019-01-28

The Utility of an Empty Title. The Habsburgs as Dukes of Burgundy
Dutch Crossing 2019-01-28

Burgundian Afterlives. Appropriating the Dynastic Past(s) in the Habsburg Netherlands
Dutch Crossing 2019-01-28

Chivalric Solidarity or Royal Supremacy? The Symbolic Revival of the Order of the Golden Fleece (1566–1598)
Dutch Crossing 2019-01-28

The Last Chapter of the Golden Fleece (Ghent, 1559). Burgundian Ritual, Church Space and Urban Lieux de Mémoire
Dutch Crossing 2019-01-28

‘A La Mode De Bourgoigne?’ The ‘Burgundian’ Ceremonial at the Court of Albert and Isabella in Brussels (1598–1621)
Dutch Crossing 2018-12-25

From ‘Peripheral’ Warsaw to No Less Marginal Groningen: Mieczysław Szczuka’s Artistic Influence on Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman
Dutch Crossing 2018-12-03

From Propaganda to the Denial of Free Speech: Politics and the Misuse of Language in Elizabethan England in the Writings of Anglo-Dutch Polemicist Richard Verstegan (c. 1550–1640)
Dutch Crossing 2018-12-03

Ekphrasis and/As Translation in Marlene van Niekerk’s Volumes of Poetry Gesant van die mispels and in die stille agterkamer
Dutch Crossing 2018-11-30

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