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Founded in: 2008
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Latest papers

The Berlin Memorial to the Homosexuals Persecuted under the National Socialist Regime: Ambivalent responses to homosexual visibility
Memory Studies 2019-02-14

Blended memory: A framework for understanding distributed autobiographical remembering with photography
Memory Studies 2019-02-13

Remembering the good: Constructing the nation through joyful memories in school textbooks in the former Yugoslavia
Memory Studies 2019-02-11

Book review: Memories on the Move: Experiencing Mobility, Rethinking the Past
Memory Studies 2019-02-11

Introduction: Memories of joy
Memory Studies 2019-02-11

MSA forward: Memory studies moving onward and upward
Memory Studies 2019-02-11

Book review: Commonplace Witnessing: Rhetorical Invention, Historical Remembrance and Public Culture
Memory Studies 2019-02-11

Book review: What Is an Event?
Memory Studies 2019-02-11

Beyond trauma? Memories of Joi/y and memory play in Blade Runner 2049
Memory Studies 2019-02-11

Postmemories of joy? Children of Holocaust survivors and alternative family memories
Memory Studies 2019-02-11

Book review: Memory Unbound: Tracing the Dynamics of Memory Studies
Memory Studies 2019-02-11

The joyful power of activist memory: The radiant image of the Commune in the Invisible Committee’s writings
Memory Studies 2019-02-11

“On Cloud Nine”: Positive memories in American Presidential Speeches (1945–2017)
Memory Studies 2019-02-11

Memory Studies 2019-02-11

The MSA conference 2017: Reflections on themes and the development of Memory Studies as a research field
Memory Studies 2019-02-11

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