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Founded in: 1981
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Association: Society of Legal Scholars (@legalscholars)
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Category: Law

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     Median: 37
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Latest papers

Equality law obligations in higher education: reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act 2010 in assessment of students with unseen disabilities
Legal Studies 2019-03-21

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A law-and-community approach to compensation for takings of property under the European Convention on Human Rights
Legal Studies 2019-01-15

Assessing plain and intelligible language in the Consumer Rights Act: a role for reading scores?
Legal Studies 2019-01-10

Mental Capacity in Relationship: Decision-Making, Dialogue, and Autonomy by Camillia Kong. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017, 272pp (£69.99 hardback). ISBN: 9781107164000
Legal Studies 2019-01-09

A dish served cold: targeting revenge in revenge pornography
Legal Studies 2018-12-27

Judicial constitutional comparativism at the UK Supreme Court
Legal Studies 2018-12-21

Photographic copyright and the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court in historical perspective
Legal Studies 2018-12-19

From balanced enterprise to hostile takeover: how the law forgot about management
Legal Studies 2018-12-18

The case for replicable structured full proportionality analysis in all cases concerning fundamental rights
Legal Studies 2018-12-18

Disrupting doctrine? Revisiting the doctrinal impact of relational contract theory
Legal Studies 2018-12-18

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