Legal Studies

(The median citation count of Legal Studies is 0. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 250 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2020-06-01 to 2024-06-01.)
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The under-reporting of sexual harassment in Australian workplaces: are organisational processes falling short?5
Exploring the emotional burdens and impact of medical negligence litigation on the plaintiff and medical practitioner: insights from Ireland5
What shall I compare thee to? Legal journals, impact, citation and peer rankings5
Love in the time of Covid-19: a case-study of the complex laws governing weddings5
Understanding the barriers to defendant participation in criminal proceedings in England and Wales4
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Apologies as ‘shame management’: the politics of remorse in the aftermath of historical institutional abuse4
Reasonable accommodation in Irish equality law: an incomplete transformation3
Using IP rights to protect human rights: copyright for ‘revenge porn’ removal3
Enforcing rights in employment tribunals: insights from age discrimination claims in a new ‘dataset’3
The nature of property in cryptoassets3
Compulsory licensing: an effective tool for securing access to Covid-19 vaccines for developing states?3
Practical obstacles and structural legal constraints in the adoption of ‘defensive’ policies: comparing the EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism and the US Proposal for a Border Carbon Adjustment3
Regulatory discretion: structuring power in the era of regulatory capitalism3
A capabilities approach to best interests assessments3
The incoherent role of the child's identity in the construction and allocation of legal parenthood3
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Embedding alternative dispute resolution in the civil justice system: a taxonomy for ADR referrals and a digital pathway to increase the uptake of ADR3
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Disputing death: brain death in the courts3
Schmitt, Dicey, and the power and limits of referendums in the United Kingdom2
‘Climate Change isn't Optional’: Climate Change in the Core Law Curriculum2
Vaccine damage schemes in the US and UK reappraised: making them fit for purpose in the light of Covid-192
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Online tribunal judgments and the limits of open justice2
Mental health and wellbeing at work in the UK: current legal approaches2
Re-examining judicial review of delegated legislation2
(Legal) assistance in employment matters to low-paid EU migrant workers in the East of England2
Exclusive jurisdiction clauses in international trust deeds1
Regulating high-cost short-term credit in the UK: is there scope for ‘libertarian paternalism’ based provisions?1
The evolution and consequences of digital rights management in relation to online music streaming1
Is the incompatibility of UK data retention law with EU law really a victory?1
Contesting the property paradigm amid ‘radical’ constitutional change: Living Rent and the Private Residential (Tenancies) (Scotland) Act 20161
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Consumer-generated reviews: time for closer scrutiny?1
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‘Mediators mediating themselves’: tensions within the family mediator profession1
Patents, healthcare and engaged shareholders: a pathway to encourage socially responsible patent use?1
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Statutory interpretation and the administrative state: refocusing the purposivist/intentionalist debate0
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Revisiting the punitiveness of deportation0
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Structuring prosecutorial power0
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LST volume 43 issue 3 Cover and Back matter0
LST volume 40 issue 2 Cover and Back matter0
LST volume 41 issue 1 Cover and Front matter0
Developing VAT treaties: international tax cooperation in times of global recovery0
Self-employed surfers, universal credit and the minimally decent life0
The Extrajudicial Voice0
LST volume 40 issue 2 Cover and Front matter0
The good character ‘backstop’: directions, defeasibility and frameworks of fairness0
Taking market crime seriously0
Exclusive jurisdiction clauses in international trust deeds – ERRATUM0
LST volume 41 issue 2 Cover and Front matter0
LST volume 43 issue 2 Cover and Back matter0
Transforming the legal profession: an interview study of change managers in law0
Extra-territoriality and the UK Insolvency Act 19860
The law and ethics of a property rights approach to frozen embryo disputes0
LST volume 42 issue 4 Cover and Back matter0
The end to testamentary freedom0
Legal research and the public good: the current landscape0
Vicarious liability in the UK Supreme Court and High Court of Australia0
The importance of ‘acting yourself into new ways of thinking’: preliminary findings on the impact of embedding workplace experiences in law degrees to positively impact student skills growth, degree r0
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Local, democratic community justice in the Mental Health Act 19830
The prohibition of forced or compulsory labour and conditional welfare under the United Kingdom's Universal Credit Scheme0
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LST volume 42 issue 3 Cover and Front matter0
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A decade of EU law in the courts of Scotland and Ireland: national legal systems compared0
The law of fixtures and chattels: recalibration, rationalisation and reform0
Access to justice and the role of parliamentarians: what happens to those who fall through the justice gap?0
The Attorney-General, politics and logistics – a fork in the road?0
LST volume 41 issue 2 Cover and Back matter0
Is ‘conversion therapy’ tortious?0
Justice for the blackest malefactors? Determinate prison sentences, early release, and the ECHR0
Injunctions, land and the cynical breach0
Law and scale: lessons from Northern Ireland and Brexit0
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LST volume 40 issue 4 Cover and Back matter0
LST volume 41 issue 3 Cover and Front matter0
LST volume 43 issue 2 Cover and Front matter0
Regulation of universities as charities: one step forward, two steps back0
The wrong vaccine: custody time limits and loss of liberty during Covid-190
Orchestrating finance with Material Adverse Changes?0
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LST volume 41 issue 4 Cover and Front matter0
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The construction of patent claims0
Comparative law outside the ivory tower: an interdisciplinary perspective0
Quantification of damages for non-pecuniary losses deriving from breach of contract0
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LST volume 44 issue 1 Cover and Back matter0
Data, disclosure and duties: balancing privacy and safeguarding in the context of UK university student sexual misconduct complaints0
Time for Parliament to act? The PACCAR decision of the UK Supreme Court0
Beyond acts and omissions: remark-able criminal conduct0
Revisiting property transfer theory: English law and Chinese law compared0
Incapacitous patients, assisted reproductive technology, and the importance of informed consent0
LST volume 44 issue 1 Cover and Front matter0
LST volume 43 issue 4 Cover and Back matter0
LST volume 41 issue 4 Cover and Back matter0
Discretion to exclude improperly obtained evidence in civil proceedings in England and Wales0
Legal sex status: the attitudes of non-binary people towards reform in England and Wales0
LST volume 43 issue 3 Cover and Front matter0
Public order as a protectable interest0
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Causation or correlation: the chimera in section 11 of the Insurance Act 20150
The interpretation of policies in administrative law: the significance of audience0
‘Well, the burden never shifts, but it does’: celebrity, property offences and judicial innovation in Woolmington v DPP0
The ‘code adjudicator’ model: the Pubs Code, statutory arbitration and the tied lease0
What's law got to do with it? Is consumer law the solution to problems faced by student tenants?0
‘State threats’, security, and democracy: the National Security Act 20230
LST volume 40 issue 4 Cover and Front matter0
‘Robinson Crusoe on a desert island’? Judicial education in Ireland, 1995–20190
Constitutional equality and executive action – a comparative perspective to the comparator problem0
LST volume 43 issue 1 Cover and Back matter0
Delegated Legislation in the Pandemic: Further Limits of a Constitutional Bargain Revealed – CORRIGENDUM0
Nietzsche's ‘Eternal Recurrence’ and the renaissance of English and Welsh insolvency law reform0
LST volume 40 issue 3 Cover and Front matter0
What does Covid-19 teach us about English contract law?0
LST volume 41 issue 3 Cover and Back matter0
Security interests and knowing receipt0
Investigating the English public's awareness of the Bern Convention and their education on environmental issues and laws0
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Public interest damages0
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Opening Pandora's box? Capturing the edifice of ‘hopefulness’ in the private rented sector0
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Sexual diversity and the Nationality and Borders Act 20220
Education, Law and Diversity: Schooling for One and All? – ERRATUM0
When is an administrator an ‘officer’ of the company?0
LST volume 42 issue 2 Cover and Back matter0
LST volume 41 issue 1 Cover and Back matter0
Abandoning individual enforcement? Interrogating the enforcement of age discrimination law0
Trans (legal) parenthood and the gender of legal parenthood0
The imperfect legitimacy of judicial umpires in European multilevel democracies0
The UK Pay Transparency Regulations: apparent transparency without accountability?0
The modern rule of releases0
Policing, citizenship and the civil courts: how increased settlement of civil claims has impacted police accountability0
Between nation and empire: how the state matters in global health0
LST volume 43 issue 4 Cover and Front matter0
Discrimination in digital immigration status0
The vicarious liability of sports governing bodies and competition organisers0
Food, dignity, and the European Court of Human Rights0
The tort of malicious prosecution of civil proceedings: a critique and a proposal0
Analysing legal responses to coerced debt0
Solicitors’ rights of audience, competence and regulation: a responsibility rights approach0