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Latest papers

The ‘majesty of the law’: depoliticisation, the Rule of Law and judicial independence
British Politics 2019-05-29

Devolution, “new politics” and election pledge fulfilment in Scotland, 1999–2011
British Politics 2019-05-21

The means, motive and opportunity of devolved policy responses to an ecosystem approach
British Politics 2019-05-21

Michael Gove’s war on professional historical expertise: conservative curriculum reform, extreme whig history and the place of imperial heroes in modern multicultural Britain
British Politics 2019-05-16

‘We are all children of the commonwealth’: political myth, metaphor and the transnational commonwealth ‘family of nations’ in Brexit discourse
British Politics 2019-04-02

The civil service’s gender diversity agenda under the coalition: where have the critical feminist actors gone?
British Politics 2019-04-02

Understanding the link between citizens’ political engagement and their categorization of ‘political’ activities
British Politics 2019-04-02

Political science, punditry, and the Corbyn problem
British Politics 2019-04-02

Politics and the permanency of permanent secretaries: testing the vitality of the Westminster administrative tradition, 1949–2014
British Politics 2019-03-30

Corbyn, British labour and policy change
British Politics 2019-03-29

‘Lordy Me!’ Can donations buy you a British peerage? A study in the link between party political funding and peerage nominations, 2005–2014
British Politics 2019-03-14

The politics of heroes through the prism of popular heroism
British Politics 2019-03-06

In the name of parliamentary sovereignty: conflict between the UK Government and the courts over judicial deference in the case of prisoner voting rights
British Politics 2019-03-05

Assessing the parliamentary activities of UK MPs
British Politics 2019-02-27

Liberalism and critical Marxism: a reply to Glasman and Rutherford
British Politics 2019-02-14

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