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Downbound spiral? Economic grievances, perceived social protection and political distrust
West European Politics 2019-06-13

Parties’ policy adjustments in response to changes in issue saliency
West European Politics 2019-06-10

Introduction: peripheries in competition? Political and economic development in the EU
West European Politics 2019-06-07

Equality as a driver of inequality? Universalistic welfare, generalised creditworthiness and financialised housing markets
West European Politics 2019-06-07

Housing and populism
West European Politics 2019-06-07

Who votes for new parties? Economic voting, political ideology and populist attitudes
West European Politics 2019-06-07

How party‒issue linkages vary between election manifestos and media debates
West European Politics 2019-06-04

The politics of quantitative easing and housing stimulus by the Federal Reserve and European Central Bank, 2008‒2018
West European Politics 2019-05-31

National past and populism: the re-elaboration of fascism and its impact on right-wing populism in Western Europe
West European Politics 2019-05-29

The inversion of the ‘really big trade-off’: homeownership and pensions in long-run perspective
West European Politics 2019-05-24

How to stay populist? The Front National and the changing French party system
West European Politics 2019-05-23

The party choice set and satisfaction with democracy
West European Politics 2019-05-21

Parliamentary questions as a control mechanism in coalition governments
West European Politics 2019-05-20

The young and the restless: housing access in the critical years
West European Politics 2019-05-17

Economic crisis and the variety of populist response: evidence from Greece, Portugal and Spain
West European Politics 2019-05-17

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