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Latest papers

The French elections of 2017: shaking the disease?
West European Politics 2019-04-16

Convergence towards a single economic model? Italy and Germany in the interconnected euro system
West European Politics 2019-04-09

The effect of being conflict non-avoidant: linking conflict framing and political participation
West European Politics 2019-04-05

Games borrower governments play: the implementation of economic adjustment programmes in Cyprus and Portugal
West European Politics 2019-04-02

A party system in flux: the Swedish parliamentary election of September 2018
West European Politics 2019-04-01

Divided but united: explaining nested public support for European integration
West European Politics 2019-03-29

Covering the private parts: the (re-)nationalisation of housing finance
West European Politics 2019-03-28

Adult roles and the gender gap in political knowledge: a comparative study
West European Politics 2019-03-27

From the rule of law to the rule of rules: technocracy and the crisis of EU governance
West European Politics 2019-03-22

Institutional change in parliament through cross-border partisan emulation
West European Politics 2019-03-09

Beyond issue diversification: N-VA and the communitarisation of political, economic and cultural conflicts in Belgium
West European Politics 2019-03-09

To adapt or to defend? Comparing position shifts among Bundestag candidates between 2013 and 2017
West European Politics 2019-03-05

Representing their own? Ethnic minority women in the Dutch Parliament
West European Politics 2019-02-28

Eurosceptics in trilogue settings: interest formation and contestation in the European Parliament
West European Politics 2019-02-21

The more things change, the more they stay the same? The German federal election of 2017 and its consequences
West European Politics 2019-02-21

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