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Latest papers

Housing prices and wealth inequality in Western Europe
West European Politics 2019-02-18

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West European Politics 2019-02-15

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Core–periphery disparities in Europe: is there a link between political and economic divergence?
West European Politics 2019-02-01

Electoral competition and the welfare state
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Editorial Announcement
West European Politics 2019-01-21

MPs’ principals and the substantive representation of disadvantaged immigrant groups
West European Politics 2019-01-15

To adapt or to disregard? Parties’ reactions to external shocks
West European Politics 2019-01-11

Dependent development at a crossroads? Romanian capitalism and its contradictions
West European Politics 2019-01-09

Politicising embedded neoliberalism: continuity and change in Hungary’s development model
West European Politics 2018-12-18

The EU as a securitising agent? Testing the model, advancing the literature
West European Politics 2018-12-06

The Italian election of 2018 and the first populist government of Western Europe
West European Politics 2018-12-06

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