Local Government Studies

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Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Founded in: 1975
URL: https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/flgs20/current
Association: Birmingham University, Institute of Local Government Studies (@INLOGOV)
• 67/175 in Political Science (Web of Science 2017)
Category: Political Science

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Latest papers

Municipality size, political efficacy and political participation: a systematic review
Local Government Studies 2019-04-12

Revitalizing Local Government Performance Management: Further Dissecting the Role of Socioeconomic Status and Social Mobilization Policy
Local Government Studies 2019-03-19

The role of local government in rural communities: culture-based development strategies
Local Government Studies 2019-03-17

Exploiting the common pool or looking to the future? A study of free-riding leading up to the 2007 municipal amalgamations in Denmark
Local Government Studies 2019-03-14

Auckland, New Zealand – fair game for central party politics
Local Government Studies 2019-03-09

Why voluntary municipal merger projects fail: evidence from popular votes in Switzerland
Local Government Studies 2019-03-06

Do the illegal and legal rents of politicians affect municipal election outcomes? Empirical evidence
Local Government Studies 2019-03-06

Does democratic local governance facilitate local economic development? Evidence from Bangladesh
Local Government Studies 2019-03-06

Responsibility attribution for corruption scandals
Local Government Studies 2019-03-02

Local politics in an international context: a linguistic analysis of community resiliency in Memphis, TN
Local Government Studies 2019-02-28

Using community education interventions to build resilience and avert crises: how accidental dwelling fires decreased in Essex County, UK
Local Government Studies 2019-02-06

Perceptions of disaster resilience in four Texas coastal communities
Local Government Studies 2019-02-06

Who votes for mayor? Evidence from midsized American cities
Local Government Studies 2019-02-01

Reimagining the public service workforce
Local Government Studies 2019-01-29

How language works in politics
Local Government Studies 2019-01-25

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