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Latest papers

A concise history of Sunnis and Shicis, by John McHugo, London, Saqi Books, 2017, 347 pp., £20.00 (Cloth), ISBN 978-0-86356-163-4
Middle Eastern Studies 2019-03-09

Behind the Lawrence legend: the forgotten few who shaped the Arab revolt
Middle Eastern Studies 2019-03-09

Defending the Egyptian nation: national unity and Muslim attitudes toward the Coptic minority
Middle Eastern Studies 2019-03-05

Plausible crime stories: the legal history of sexual offences in Mandate Palestine
Middle Eastern Studies 2019-03-05

Reassessing the power of regional security providers: the case of Algeria and Morocco
Middle Eastern Studies 2019-02-28

The politics of security reform in post-2011 Tunisia: assessing the role of exogenous shocks, domestic policy entrepreneurs and external actors
Middle Eastern Studies 2019-02-28

Transnational security challenges in North Africa: Moroccan foreign fighters in Syria 2012–2016
Middle Eastern Studies 2019-02-28

Turning ex-combatants into Sadris: explaining the emergence of the Mahdi Army
Middle Eastern Studies 2019-02-23

Religion and politics in the Orthodox world: the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the challenges of modernity
Middle Eastern Studies 2019-02-23

Britain and the Arab Middle East: World War 1 and its Aftermath
Middle Eastern Studies 2019-02-23

Israel: ethnocracy or multicracy?
Middle Eastern Studies 2019-02-22

A fissure in ‘unanimous democracy’: parliamentary contestations over property rights on land in early Republican Turkey
Middle Eastern Studies 2019-02-22

Orientalism and imperialism: from nineteenth-century missionary imaginings to the contemporary Middle East, by Andrew Wilcox, London, Bloomsbury Academic, 2018, 235 pp., £59.04 (cloth), ISBN 978-1-3500-3379-5
Middle Eastern Studies 2019-02-22

The star of David in a cedar tree: Jewish students and Zionism at the American University of Beirut (1908–1948)
Middle Eastern Studies 2019-02-22

The Assyrian genocide. Cultural and political legacies
Middle Eastern Studies 2019-02-22

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