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Pantheonizing the Jerusalem Haram: from Pan-Islamic to a national Palestinian pantheon
Middle Eastern Studies 2019-01-09

Supporting political debate while building patterns of trust: the role of the German political foundations in Tunisia (1989–2017)
Middle Eastern Studies 2019-01-09

Refik Halid Karay and his memoirs of exile
Middle Eastern Studies 2019-01-06

Saudi Arabia's rapprochement with Israel: the national security imperatives
Middle Eastern Studies 2019-01-06

Feminist voices in Saudi folk tales: analysis of three folk tales retold by Abdulkareem al-Juhayman
Middle Eastern Studies 2019-01-06

Youth, politics and republicanism in the formative years of the state of Israel
Middle Eastern Studies 2018-12-31

Imperial classifications and anti-colonial resistance in North Africa
Middle Eastern Studies 2018-12-28

The Baha’i minority in the State of Israel, 1948–1957
Middle Eastern Studies 2018-12-20

‘Exempted soldiers’ in the ‘New Selectivity Military’: public opinion among Jewish Israelis concerning selective conscientious objection (military refusal) and the Military Recruitment Model
Middle Eastern Studies 2018-12-07

Haseki Women’s Hospital and the female destitute of nineteenth-century Istanbul
Middle Eastern Studies 2018-12-07

A tale of two railways and the Reuter family
Middle Eastern Studies 2018-11-14

Political stability, transition and conflict: Tajikistan compared with Georgia
Middle Eastern Studies 2018-11-14

Municipal Politics in Turkey: Local Government and Party Organisation
Middle Eastern Studies 2018-11-14

Kings and Presidents: Saudi Arabia and the United States since FDR
Middle Eastern Studies 2018-11-14

Song and rebellion in the Syrian uprising
Middle Eastern Studies 2018-11-01

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