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Turco-British relations, Cold War and reshaping the Middle East: Egypt, Greece and Cyprus (1954–1958)
Middle Eastern Studies 2019-06-05

Children in war time: the first pupils of the Syrian (Schneller) orphanage in Jerusalem 1860–1863
Middle Eastern Studies 2019-06-05

The construction and re-construction of the civil religion around the cult of Atatürk
Middle Eastern Studies 2019-05-09

The exile of Husayn b. Ali, ex-sharif of Mecca and ex-king of the Hijaz, in Cyprus (1925–1930)
Middle Eastern Studies 2019-05-07

National elections in Turkey – people, politics and the party system
Middle Eastern Studies 2019-05-07

Between national sovereignty and foreign capital: the fate of the French companies’ concessions in Turkey after the War of Liberation
Middle Eastern Studies 2019-05-06

Public space security and contentious politics of Morocco’s Rif protests
Middle Eastern Studies 2019-05-06

Rentier Islamism: The Influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in Gulf Monarchies
Middle Eastern Studies 2019-05-02

Historical geography of the Palestine southern coastal plain in the late Ottoman period – the Ashkelon region as a case study
Middle Eastern Studies 2019-05-02

The destruction of old Jaffa in 1936 and the question of the Arab refugees
Middle Eastern Studies 2019-05-02

Imagining modernity: the language and genealogy of modernity in nineteenth-century Arabic
Middle Eastern Studies 2019-04-30

The council of expediency: crisis and statecraft in Iran and beyond
Middle Eastern Studies 2019-04-27

Armenians in Ottoman Turkey, 1914. A Geographic and Demographic Gazetteer
Middle Eastern Studies 2019-04-26

Jewish and Christian Sanctity under Israeli Sovereignty: Mount Zion, King David's Tomb and the Last Supper Room (1948–1967)
Middle Eastern Studies 2019-04-25

The latent politicization of Alevism: the affiliation between Alevis and leftist politics (1960–1980)
Middle Eastern Studies 2019-04-23

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