Middle Eastern Studies

(The TQCC of Middle Eastern Studies is 0. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 500 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2019-09-01 to 2023-09-01.)
Russian foreign policy and geopolitics in the Post-Soviet space and the Middle East: Tajikistan, Georgia, Ukraine and Syria17
Greasing the wheels: the Berlin-Baghdad railway and Ottoman oil, 1888–19075
A people that shall dwell alone; is that so? Israel and the minorities alliance4
Turkey in the UN Security Council during the Cold War: elections, voting motivations and alliance commitments3
Decoding the crisis of the legitimate circle of coalition building in Israel: a critical analysis of the puzzling election trio of 2019–203
The journal İnkılâp and the appeal of antisemitism in interwar Turkey3
‘The school is the link between the Jewish community and the surrounding milieu’: education and the Jews of Iran from the mid-1940s to the late 1960s3
Jewish state, Muslim cemeteries: the fate of Muslim graveyards in the State of Israel, 1948–19673
Israeli emigration policies in the Gaza Strip: crafting demography and forming control in the aftermath of the 1967 War2
Terrorism and migration: on the mass emigration of Iraqi Jews, 1950–19512
Kemalist Turkey and the Palestinian question, 1945–19482
Culture, time and publics in the Arab world: media, public space and temporality2
A negotiation of power during the age of reforms in the Ottoman Empire: notables, tribes and state in Muş (1820-1840)2
Sri Lanka and the Middle East2
Stateless ‘bidoon’ in Kuwait: a crisis of political alienation2
From ‘people’s education’ to people’s entertainment: the changing role of cinema in Turkey’s People’s Houses (1932–1950)2
The establishment of Natzrat Illit: setting the foundations for the Israeli settlements project2
From guests of the Imam to unwanted foreigners: the politics of South Asian pilgrimage to Iran in the twentieth century2
Imagining Turan: homeland and its political implications in the literary work of Hüseyinzade Ali [Turan] and Mehmet Ziya [Gökalp]2
Kurdish insurgency in Rojhelat: from Rasan to the Oslo negotiations2
Old Arabs, new Arabs: debating Palestinian pedagogy during the mandate2
Playing the Turkish card: British policy and Cyprus in the 1950s2
The mystery of intra-alliance intelligence: Turkey’s covert operations in the Cyprus conflict2
Rural or urban? Planning Bedouin settlements2
The 1931 census of Palestine and the statistical (un)making of an Arab landless class2
The roots and the consequences of the 1979 Iranian revolution: A Kurdish perspective2
Religionization of politics in Iran: Shi’i seminaries as the bastion of resistance2
Patronage and development in the Israeli Negev: Yeruham, 1952–19532
The 1980s ‘debt crisis’ in the Middle East and North Africa: framing regional dynamics within the international stage at UNCTAD2
Ralph Bunche and the 1949 armistice agreements revisited1
Motivational factors of Turkish foreign terrorist fighters in ISIS1
Forging a force: rulers, professional expatriates, and the creation of Abu Dhabi’s Police1
Kedourie, nationalism, Islamism, and the umma1
External public debt in Jordan: from crisis to reform1
The deal of the century? The attempted sale of the Western Wall by Cemal Pasha in 19161
Alid loyalty or Shiʿite tendency: a comparative approach to the Alevi Buyruk texts1
States of drunkenness: bar-life in Istanbul between empire, occupation, and republic, 1918–19231
The evil genius of Iranian constitutionalism? ‘Bloody Shapshal’ at the Qajar court1
The neglected sheikhdom at the frontier of empires and cultures: an introduction to al-Zubayr1
Narratives of nationalism in culture and heritage production of the Arabian Peninsula: bringing the state back in1
Romania and the Palestine Liberation Organization, 1972–19741
Corporatism without party: the state, war, and industrial labor in the Islamic Republic of Iran1
Introduction: alcohol production and consumption in the modern Middle East1
Czechoslovakia and the ‘Cyprus issue’ in the years 1960–1974: secret arms deals, espionage, and the Cold War in the Middle East1
Ethnic stereotyping and the significant other: re-imagining the Kurd in early Turkish political cartoons1
Special issue: ‘Britain, Turkey and NATO, 1945–1960’1
Veiled memories: an ethnography of the single-party regime in Turkey1
Survival of the Kuwaiti statelet: Najd’s expansion and the question of British protection1
Domestic and external considerations in the struggle over regency in early Qajar Iran: The princely rivalry between ʿAbbas Mirza and Muhammad-ʿAli Mirza1
Perception and reality in US-Lebanon relations1
The place of Italy in Turkish foreign policy in the 1930s1
A tepid alliance: Britain and Turkey in the post-war and early cold war years1
Negotiating empire in the Middle East: Ottomans and Arab Nomads in the modern era, 1840-19141
On the frontier of integration: the Histadrut and the Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel1
The problematic notion of the ‘Islamic state’ in the discourses of contemporary Islamists: the case of Sheikh Muhammad Abu Zahra (1898–1974)1
Kurdish cross-border trade between Syria and Turkey: the socio-political trajectories of Syrian Kurds1
Examining age structure and estimating mortality rates in Ottoman Bursa using mid-nineteenth-century population registers1
Who are we? and Who are they? The construction of Turkish national identity in textbooks within the context of the Turkish War of Independence1
‘Son of Arabia, son of Nazareth, and my son’: Herut’s stand on the imposition of the Military Government 1948-19661
Death Tango: Ariel Sharon, Yasser Arafat, and three fateful days in March1
The Tudeh Party of Iran and the land reform initiatives of the Pahlavi state, 1958–19641
Challenging the accepted understanding of the executive branch of the UAE’s Federal Government1
CENTO: the forgotten alliance in the Middle East (1959-1979)1
Did as-Saʿidiyya really revolt? An ethnographic investigation1
The US and the Israeli raid on the Iraqi Osiraq nuclear reactor1
Bureaucrats into merchants: tea, capitalism and the making of the Republican bourgeois1
Hezbollah and Hamas’s main platforms for recruiting and handling of human sources after 20061
The transformation of Britain-Turkey-United States relations at the advent of the Cold War (1945–1952)1
American Arabists in the Cold War Middle East, 1946–75: From Orientalism to Professionalism1
Rethinking narratives on Islam in North Cyprus: a new perspective1
Cultural nationalism and the spread of a ‘national language’ among Arabophone, Turcophone and Kurdophone Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, c. 1840 to c. 18601
The emergence of the ‘sovereign debt crisis’ in 1970s MENA economies1
Coup-proofing and political violence: the case of Iraq1
Projective Psychological Warfare (PPW): an analysis of Hamas Hebrew videoclips as part of its propaganda campaign against Israel (2007–2014)1
Imperial resilience: The Great War’s end, Ottoman longevity, and incidental nations1
The duality of ‘official’ and ‘local’ in modern Iran: historical and intellectual foundations1
Turkey’s post-colonial predicament and the perils of its Western-centric foreign policy (1955–1959)1
The international ‘debt crisis’ of the 1980s in the Middle East and North Africa: a review, an outline1
The politics of male circumcision in the late Ottoman Empire1
From development towns to ‘Mizrahi enclaves’ – was it Mapai's intentional policy?1
Iran and imperial nationalism in 19191
Technopolitics, development and the colonial-postcolonial nexus: revisiting settlements development aid from Israel to Africa1
The Druze settlement on Mount Carmel: Daliyat al-Karmil as a case study – Archaeological, historical and geographical evidence1
The East India Company in Persia: trade and cultural exchange in the eighteenth century1
A reply by David Tal0
Fraternal enemies: Israel and the Gulf monarchies0
Caring for the sick man? Russian and Greek reactions to the Ottoman reforms (1856–1908)0
The National Pact project predicting the security of Anatolia from a Turkish perspective and the intensifying Turkish-British rivalry in Northern Iraq (1920–1926)0
New money in old Tripoli0
‘We have the right to work’: the rise of the ‘national economy’ and reformulating the demands of the women’s movement in the pages of Kadınlar Dünyası in the post Balkan Wars era0
An alternative approach to total economy of the late Ottoman Empire0
Governing by partnership: the role of Abdolhossein Nikpour and the Chambers of Commerce in Iran’s national economy0
From Iranian Shi’ization to colonization in Syria to establish Shiʿi territorial contiguity0
Mollā Nasreddin: the making of a modern trickster (1906-1911)0
Successful failure: American naval engineers at the Imperial Arsenal in Constantinople 1831–18420
Great Britain and ‘a small and poor peasant state’: Turkey, Britain and the 1930 Anglo-Turkish Treaty of Commerce and Navigation0
Qutb’s hakimiyyah through the lens of Arendtian authority0
United States relations with China and Iran toward the Asian century0
Cyprus’s relations with Egypt and Israel during the Makarios era: influence of regional disputes, economy, socio-cultural interactions and UN debates0
Negotiating the meaning of Kurdishness: the construction of a secular Kurdish identity perception by Kurdish political and intellectual elites in Turkey0
Radical virtues: practices of the body among Iranian revolutionaries of the 1960s and 1970s0
Limits of economic modernization: smuggling versus monopolies in modern Turkey0
Political travelers in a polarized country: the Freedom Party experience in Turkish history0
Public attitudes on peace with Israel in Jordanian politics0
Egypt: how and why a heavily indebted country in the 1980s emerged solvent0
Zionism and the Hebrew Bible: from religious holiness to national sanctity0
Factors influencing the location of the early Zionist settlements in Ottoman Palestine: 1880–19150
Creating the image of ‘the greatest sultan’: indoctrination of children through children’s periodicals under the Hamidian regime (1876-1908)0
Anthropologists, Topographers, Diplomats, and Spies: Royal Air Force Intelligence Officers in South Arabia 1954–19590
Playing with ‘the Great Satan’: the football diplomacy behind the 1998 and 2000 Iran–USA matches0
Between citizenship and the millet: the Greek minority in republican Turkey0
‘A man on a watchtower’: Malleson and the British military mission to Turkistan, 1918–200
The British Mandate in Palestine: a centenary volume, 1920–20200
Persian Gulf coups misrepresented0
Practicing Islam in Egypt: print media and Islamic revival0
Prize announcement0
The 1967 war as point of departure for the 1982 war in Lebanon: an uncommon interpretation0
Alcohol consumption, economic resource and League of Nations pressures in French Syria and Lebanon (1923–1946)0
From jihad to resistance: the evolution of Hamas’s discourse in the framework of mobilization0
From ‘brothers in religion’ to ‘bandits’: Chechens in Mardin in the late Ottoman period0
Desert kingdoms to global powers. The rise of the Arab Gulf0
The evolution of the armed forces of the United Arab Emirates by Athol Yates (Warwick: Helion & Company Limited, 2020). pp. xv + 380. £35 (hardback). ISBN 9781912866007.0
Weaving an empire: the Hereke factory under the banner of Ottomanism (1842–1914)0
Turkey’s energy dilemmas: changes and challenges0
Social histories of Iran: modernism and marginality in the Middle East0
Imperialism after empire? Britain and Qatar in the aftermath of the withdrawal from East of Suez0
The role of Ottoman ulema in peaceful conflict resolution0
From listing religions to tabulating nationalities: Ottoman identity policies and enumeration practices0
Justice and vilayat in post-revolutionary Iranian Shiʿism0
Changing gender relations in 1950s Ankara: an inside view0
Ottoman death registers (Vefeyât Defterleri) and recording deaths in Istanbul, 1838–18390
Internal colonization, political geography and security in the Ottoman Eastern Provinces (1895–1899)0
From pearls to oil: how the oil industry came to the United Arab Emirates Oil Men, Territorial Ambitions and Political Agents: from pearls to oil in the Trucial States of the Gulf Oil Men, Territorial0
A war waiting to happen: How Menachem Begin and his administrations paved the way to the 1982 Lebanon war0
The end of the pax Britannica in the Persian Gulf, 1968-19710
The making of a mixed municipality in Israel: the case of Acre0
Foreign policy as nation making: Turkey and Egypt in the Cold War0
Cultural Imperialism and the American scramble for antiquities in Mandate Syria: 1920–19390
Powering empire: how coal made the Middle East and sparked global carbonization0
Refugees and migrants in Iran: the Iran-Iraq war (1980–88) and the Intifada (1991)0
An initial Shiʿa debate on the Palestinian question0
The Palestine Labor League: the history of a Palestinian labor union0
Contextualizing the ideology of the Turkish national resistance movement0
Responses to the abolitions of the Ottoman Sultanate and Caliphate in the Arabic and Hebrew press of Palestine, 1922–19240
The decline of the Ottoman Empire and the rise of the Turkish Republic: observations of an American Diplomat, 1919-19270
The 1948 turmoil in Sanaa from the viewpoint of two Yemeni Jewish sources0
The 1858 tax reform and the ‘other nomads’ in Ottoman Asia0
Muhammad Surur and his work Wa jaʾa dawr al-Majus0
Representing the Coptic community: the Communal Council and the road to the 1911 Coptic Congress0
Making of the Unionist bureaucracy: purging the Hamidian cadres, rule of law, and the limits of the Unionist power (1908–1910)0
Kuwait and Al-Sabah: Tribal politics and power in an oil state0
The lebanese forces: Emergence and transformation of the christian resistance0
Quagmire in Civil War by Jonah Schulhofer-Wohl (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2020), 340pp, £24.99 (paperback). ISBN-13:978-1108486767.nb0
The Org. Gehlen/BND and German military and civilian experts in the Middle East in the 1950s and 1960s0
Süreyya Ağaoğlu and the emerging liberal order in early Cold War Turkey0
Nigâr Hanim – an Ottoman Turkish poetess0
The making of an alliance: The origins and development of the US–Israeli relationship0
Israeli foreign policy: a people shall not dwell alone0
Syria 2011–2013: Revolution and Tyranny before the Mayhem0
Nostalgia and style: the life and works of Abdülhak Şinâsî Hisar0
Power and light, profit and loss: the establishment and operation of the Damascus Electricity and Tramway Company, 1903-19140
Nomads in the Middle East0
Imagined landscapes for contested politics of land reform, peasant struggles and women in rural Turkey0
A convivial space: the urban khan in Ottoman Istanbul from the mid-eighteenth to the mid-nineteenth centuries0
The Ottoman Government crisis of 10–13 February 1909 and the press reaction0
Winemaking between the claims of the local and the international in late Ottoman and Mandatory Palestine (1860s–1948)0
Book Review0
The Ottoman Empire and the emergence of its ‘Irish Question’0
Outskirts of empire: studies in British power projection0
The rise of Iraqi indebtedness, 1979–20030
International politics in Turkish Islamism during the Cold War, 1947–19640
Limited trust and its roots: the attitude of French military and political officials toward North African soldiers during the Great War (1914–1918)0
The Millî Görüş movement’s view on Muslims in the West: Turkish migration to Germany as a case study0
The Karapapaks and their shifting loyalties on the imperial borderlands during the nineteenth century0
‘Peaceful civil jihad’ – Saudi Arabia’s Islamic civil rights movement and its concept of jihad0
Iran’s experiment with parliamentary governance: the second majles, 1909-19110
Coping with uncertainty: youth in the Middle East and North Africa0
Juhayman al-Otaibi and the interpretation of the first violent Islamic movement in contemporary Saudi Arabia0
Kadriye Hüseyin: a forgotten female intellectual and a representation of Ottoman consciousness in early twentieth century Egypt0
Hadera: transnational migrations from Eastern Europe to Ottoman Palestine and the glocal origins of the Zionist-Arab conflict0
Imperial recessional: Sir William Luce and the British withdrawal from the Gulf, 1970-19710
Egypt: a fragile power0
Peace in the name of Allah: Egypt’s quest to attain Islamic legitimacy for its treaty with Israel0
Islamism, radicalism, and popular sovereignty0
Unwritten treaty: the historical background to Jordanian–Israeli relations, 1921–19510
An ‘Islamist’ intellectual in the late Ottoman Empire: Ali Suavi0
Revolutionizing the past: representations of the Mamluks in Egyptian school textbooks, 1954–19700
Coercion in Armageddon: the experiences of Ottoman soldiers in the Great War0
Rethinking Syrian nationalism: national identity and state in Syria, from the ‘struggle for Syria’ to the Syrian civil war0
İbnülemin Mahmud Kemal İnal – the epitome of late Ottoman culture0
Revolutionaries on revolutionaries: how Chinese Xinhai revolutionaries and Young Turks viewed each other0
US-Syria relations in the shadow of Cold War and détente0
Stephen Pericles Ladas and the 1923 Greco-Turkish Exchange of Populations: the making and unmaking of a narrative0
The Massacre That Never Was: The Myth of Deir Yassin and the Creation of the Palestine Refugee Problem0
Schoolgirls-cum-carpet weavers: the role of the market in public girls’ schools in the late Ottoman Empire0
Fatwas and politics in Bahrain: exploring the post 2011 context0
To break the feudal bonds: the Soviets, Reza Khan, and the Iranian left, 1921-250
The British Council, English Language Teaching and Britain’s struggle for educational influence in Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar, 1955–690
The Mojahedin-e Khalq’s utilization of Karbala’s ethos and the creation of an ex-patriot nationalism0
A Modern Contagion: Imperialism and Public Health in Iran’s Age of Cholera,0
The Gulf Cooperation Council and counter-terror cooperation in the post-9/11 era: a regional organization in comparative perspective0
How political rights are created from Sharia rules in Iran0
Nationalism or transnationalism?Afghan nationalism and Pan-Islamism in Seraj-ul Akhbar0
Bringing democracy into Iran: a Russian project for the separation of Azerbaijan0
Book Review0
Stranded in geopolitics: the question of Turkish Armenians in Soviet-Turkish relations0
Timber smuggling and forestry politics in late nineteenth-century Western Taurus0
Iran’s backwardness from the perspective of nineteenth-century Iranian thinkers0
Captain Gill’s walking stick0
The orphan, the donor and the photograph: humanitarianism and photography in post-First World War Jerusalem0
The end of empire in the Gulf: From Trucial States to United Arab Emirates0
Al-malik al-salih – Islam and the monarchy in 1930s Egypt0
Utopian imagination in the Zionist movement: the case of ‘Jerusalem Rebuilt’0
Beşir Fuad’s Voltaire: liberating the individual0
The Tudeh Party of Iran and the peasant question, 1941–530
British foreign policy and military strategy: the contradictions of declining imperial power and the Baghdad Pact, 1947-550
Lebanese Phalangism and fascism: history of a symbolic appropriation0
Selânikli Tevfik – writer, journalist, translator0
Lawrence of Arabia on war: the campaign in the desert, 1916–180
Exodus too: the story of an ordinary Egyptian Jewish family in extraordinary times0
Anxiety and imagery in Attilâ Ilhan’s poetry0
A subject of dispute between the Ottoman Empire and the American Bible Society in the early 1900s: the Bible colportage0
From reconciliation to confrontation: Menachem Begin and the Kibbutz Movement 1968–19810
Intellectual struggles of Kurdish ulema in a post-colonial world: the case of Mullah Ali Zile0
The rise of the Hebronite alliance: Hebronite regionalism between Palestine and Jordan, 1940–19670
Kemalist Turkey and the Middle East: international relations in the interwar period0
Family life in the ottoman mediterranean: a social history0
A tribal confederation at the intersection of the Ottoman, Russian and Qajar empires: the Zilan Confederation and the empires (1810–1860)0
Midhat Cemal Kuntay – a man of many parts0
‘A pretty bad reputation’: reflections of ‘the 31 March incident’ on Ottoman Syria, its background, and its immediate consequences0
The role of the Bedouin in the Great Arab Revolt in Palestine, 1936–19390
Away from chaos: the Middle East and the challenge to the West0
Identity disputes in occupied Istanbul: was Istanbul to become a Turkish city or remain a Turkish city?0
Foundations of a geopolitical entity - the Gaza Strip 1947–19500
Jerusalem 1948–1952 as a ‘no man’s land’: the Israeli policy in Jerusalem as an arena of the Cold War0
The changing identity of Muslim/Jewish holy places in the State of Israel, 1948–20180
How the powerful maintained their power: land, violence and identity in fin de siècle Palu0
The separatist Alawi petition to the French Prime Minister Léon Blum (1936): reliability, background and aftermath0
A Russian stooge or a Greek puppet? Joachim III’s struggle for autonomy of the Patriarchate of Constantinople (1864-1912)0
The new visual culture in eighteenth-century Istanbul: building up new shore kiosks and gardens on the outskirts of the royal palace0
Portraying antiquity in cartoons: examples from the periodical Molla Nasreddin0
Cultural reforms and restructuring Iranian national identity: a case study of the Thought Development Organization and its Public Speech Commission0
Peace with Israel; Jordan’s profit and loss account0
The Alawi legacy of heroes: from medieval history to the Syrian Civil War0
Critically assessing the contours of relations between the AKP and Islamic movements after the July 15 coup attempt: the Furkan Vakfi case0
Asad’s autocratic dynasty in Syria: civil war and the role of regional and global powers0
The development gap between the cities of Jaffa and Tel Aviv and its effect on the weakening of Jaffa in the time of the Mandate0
Muslim preaching in the Middle East and beyond: historical and contemporary case studies0
False Prophets: British leaders’ fateful fascination with the Middle East from Suez to Syria0
The Israeli Arameans: a people-in-progress0
Turkish Intelligence and the Cold War: the Turkish Secret Service, the US and the UK0
Security forces and the end of empire in the Trucial States, 1960–19710
The future of petroleum in Lebanon: energy, politics and economic growth0
Mapping the role of intellectuals in Iranian modern and contemporary history0
25 years of Jordan-Israel peace-making: from ‘warm peace’ to ‘cold peace’?0
Producing scientific knowledge by and for the Third World: postcolonial Algeria, South Americans and militant expertise in the Global Cold War0
Turkey and the Soviet Union during World War II: Diplomacy, discord and international relations; Turkey’s changing transatlantic relations; Turkey between the United States and Russia: Surfing on the 0
The Abyssinian slave trade to Iran and the Rokeby case 18770
Syria’s debt or the power of the debtor0
Was there room for Christian Turks in early Republican Turkey? Debates on the migration and Turkishness of the Gagauz0
Captive wild animals as visual commodities in the Ottoman Empire: a historical review0
From devastating warfare to deficient welfare: the Ottoman-Turkish disabled veterans of the First World War (1918–1930)0
Fig trader Aram Hamparzum and his role in the global fig market0
From indifference to independence: Turkey’s shifting Cyprus policy in the 1950s0
The language policy of the Caliphate State0
Common values, different interests: early Israeli-Swedish cooperation on development aid to Africa0
Life after the harem: Female palace slaves, patronage, and the imperial ottoman court0
Same reasons, different outcomes: Qatar’s policy on Israel up to 19960
The Clandestine Lives of Colonel David Smiley: code name ‘Grin’0
Security in the Gulf: Local militaries before British withdrawal0
Between empire and nation-state: debating and formulating nationality in post-First World War Turkey, 1918–19220
The Decline of Empires in South Asia0
Endgames: military responses to protest in Arab autocracies0
Building the capital: thoughts, plans, and practice in the process of making West Jerusalem the capital city of the State of Israel, 1948–19670
Lumbering state, restless society: Egypt in the modern era0
‘If we take them to the military, where can we deploy them?’ Non-Muslim soldiers during the Turkish War of Independence (1919–1922)0
A crisis of legitimacy or a source of political consolidation? The deportation of Bulgarian Turks in 1950-1951 and the Democratic Party0
Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin and MI6’s Covert Action Against France in North Africa, 1945–19480
UNSCOP and the Arab–Israeli conflict: the road to partition0
Israel, Turkey, and the Turkish Jewish community in light of Operation Protective Edge0
Bibliography of Sylvia G. Haim0
Regimes of mobility: borders and state formation in the middle East, 1918–19460
Remembering the tatas: an oral history of the Tetouan elite about their female domestic slaves0
Education and a sense of security under conditions of sociopolitical uncertainty: the case of the Golan Druze0
Prize announcement0
Stereotypes and demonization in contemporary Palestinian literature in Jordan: Israel and the Israelis in the works of Samia ʿAtʿut0
Cast thy bread’: Israeli biological warfare during the 1948 War0
Making property of a marsh: environment, property, and politics in nineteenth-century Ottoman Ioannina0
The sterilization and disinfection machines: sanitation and public health in the late Ottoman Empire0
Sylvia Kedourie 1925–20160
From Sheikhs to Sultanism: Statecraft and Authority in Saudi Arabia and the UAE0
Media persuasion in the Islamic State0
Ruler visibility and popular belonging in the Ottoman Empire, 1808–19080
Prize announcement0
Islam, authoritarianism, and underdevelopment: a global and historical comparison0
Evolution of economic thought in the Ottoman Empire and early Republican Turkey0
‘He is living Israeli flag’: The Right and the Presidency in Israel under Chaim Weizmann, 1948–19520
Breaking the news: a case study on nineteenth century journalism and Selim Faris0
Rethinking the Turkish socialist left’s perceptions of the US and USSR after the Second World War: an analysis of leftist publications0
Stella vs. Sadat or how beer helps explain post-1970 Egypt0
The colonial swamp in Mandatory Palestine: the Na’amien wetlands between local and global British interests in Palestine0
Salafism in Lebanon: the significance of Fathi Yakan and Al-Jamaʿa Al-Islamiyya0
Pragmatic coexistence: local responses to the state intrusion in Dersim during the early Republican period of Turkey (1938–1950)0
The Palestinian youth of East Jerusalem – between Palestinian and Israeli identity0
Social liberation within the Islamic-political movements: the reform project of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its impact on the Ahl-i-Hadith movement in Pakistan0
Chehabism revisited: the consequences of reform in Lebanon0
What politics does to the army: divisions and reconfigurations to the military institution in the 27 May 1960 coup in Turkey0
On the short but eventful life of Abdülhalîm Memdûh0
‘The eye of the beholder’: Öcalan’s reading of Turkish political history0
George Franghia (b. 1856): a forgotten farsighted Ottoman engineer’s contribution to the development of the province of Jerusalem during the late Ottoman period0
The Unionist presence in the Asiatic provinces of the Ottoman Empire, 1908–19120
Turkey: between democracy and authoritarianism0
Between parliamentary control and fiscal discipline: the General Budget Act for 1303/1924-25 (1925) on the eve of Pahlavi rule0
The Circassians of Turkey: War, Violence and Nationalism from the Ottomans to Atatürk0
The Jews of the Middle East and North Africa: a historiographic debate0
On Shaky Ground: Iran between Israel and Pan-Arabism, 1930s–1970s0
Algeria’s reforming decade (1988–1998): neoliberalism as a tool for survival0
An analytical study of ethnic identity components in the works of contemporary Kurdish painters in Iranian Kurdistan from 1981–20190
Freemasonry’s political and diplomatic entanglements in the last phase of Ottoman history: the peculiar case of the Committee of Union and Progress0
Understanding social change: demographic analyses of musicians in late Ottoman Istanbul0
Arab Nationalist Constitutions of 1958 in the Context of the Cold War: the cases of the Egyptian-Syrian United Arab Republic, the Iraqi-Jordanian Arab Union, and the Republic of Iraq0
Humoresque and satire in ʿAli Salem’s writing as a means for social and political criticism0
In search of a common enemy: Russo-Turkish cooperation and its discontents (1908–1923)0
Missed opportunity? Jordan’s [insufficient] economic dividends from the peace treaty with Israel0
Acknowledging loss, materializing language: translation and hermeneutics of gaps in nineteenth century Baghdad0
Benefitting from the ambiguity: the issue of the ‘Turkishness’ of the Jewish minority in the first decade of the Turkish Republic0
Czechoslovak diplomatic dilemmas in regards to the Adolf Eichmann trial0
Raiders of the Hidden Ark: The Story of the Parker Expedition to Jerusalem0
Supporters and opponents: a history of the Muslim Brotherhood’s second prison ordeal, 1954–19640
The French connection: political Islam from the Algerian War to the Iranian Revolution0
The ideal Muslim woman in the Saudi novel: idealism, counter-idealism, realism0
The Jewish past and the ‘birth’ of the Israeli nation state: the case of Ben-Gurion’s Independence Day speeches0
Periodization of piracy in the Persian Gulf Cultural World from the British colonial perspective, 1873–19490
Between the sacred and the profane: conflicts between football and sharia in Iran0
Echoes across the iron curtain: the letters of Münevver Andaç to Nâzım Hikmet0
Anti-alcoholism, Turkish and American non-state actors, and their mutual pursuits of national and global sobriety0
Diplomacy under the nuclear shadow: Kennedy, Nasser, and Dimona0
Where faith meets modernity: cemevi and local Alevi politics0
Ottoman Rums and the Venizelos – Constantine conflict after the Armistice of Mudros: the election of Meletios Metaxakis as patriarch0
Iranian literature after the Islamic revolution: production and circulation in Iran and the world, by Laetitia Nanquette (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2021), 301 + xiii pp., £80.00 (hardback0
Sharqzadegi, or how Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution became Islamic0