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Category: Sociology Anthropology

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     Median: 1
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     Average: 40
     Median: 40

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Latest papers

Trading time and space: Grassroots negotiations in a Brazilian mining district
Ethnography 2019-05-16

The Ohaka (Grave) Project: Post-secular social service delivery and resistant necropolitics in San’ya, Tokyo
Ethnography 2019-05-01

Migrant gaming girls in Beijing: Urban solitude, play, and attempts to integrate
Ethnography 2019-05-01

Displacement, replacement, and fragmentation in order making: Enacting sovereignty in a US-Mexican border state
Ethnography 2019-04-26

Guidelines for anthropological research: Data management, ethics and integrity
Ethnography 2019-04-25

The trouble with transparency: Reconnecting ethics, integrity, epistemology and power
Ethnography 2019-04-25

Traditionally transnational: Cultural continuity and change in Hmong shamanism across the diaspora
Ethnography 2019-04-06

Ethnographies and/of violence
Ethnography 2019-03-29

Portrait of a ‘real’ marero: Fantasy and falsehood in stories of gang violence
Ethnography 2019-03-17

From participant observation to participant action(-to-be): Multi-sited ethnography of displacement in Cyprus
Ethnography 2019-02-24

Ethnographic spectres: Representing the recent past of sexual liberation
Ethnography 2019-02-21

Up and down and sideways: Collaboration, friction and ethnographic representations of orthodontics for children
Ethnography 2019-02-19

Anthropology is companion studies: A study of violent relations during fieldwork with my family
Ethnography 2019-02-14

Writing around violence: Representing organized crime in Kingston, Jamaica
Ethnography 2019-01-12

Thinking within, across and beyond lifestyle paradigms: Later-life mobility histories and practices ‘in’ Ubud, Bali
Ethnography 2019-01-08

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