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Latest papers

Bellicose Peace: China’s Peace Signature Campaign and Discourses about “Peace” in the Early 1950s
Modern China 2019-06-03

Knowing Individuals: Fingerprinting, Policing, and the Limits of Professionalization in 1920s Beijing
Modern China 2019-05-10

Elite Power Competition and Corruption Investigation in China: A Case Study
Modern China 2019-05-07

Rethinking “the Third Sphere”: The Dualistic Unity of State and Society in China, Past and Present
Modern China 2019-05-06

Understanding China: A Dialogue with Philip Huang
Modern China 2019-05-06

The People According to the Chinese Communist Party: Reinterpreting the Party’s Political Theory
Modern China 2019-04-05

The Impact of Land Requisition on Peasant Life in China
Modern China 2019-04-05

Consumption Plus Love: Inequality, Domestic Utopia, and China’s New Politics of the Future
Modern China 2019-04-04

Can the Chinese Nation Be One? Gu Jiegang, Chinese Muslims, and the Reworking of Culturalism
Modern China 2019-02-11

A Case Study of Chinese Netizens’ Opinions on Capital Punishment: Diversity, Rationale, and Interaction
Modern China 2018-12-20

The Impact of Environmental Pollution on Ethnic Unrest in Xinjiang: A Uyghur Perspective
Modern China 2018-12-17

Old Pastor and Local Bureaucrats: Recasting Church-State Relations in Contemporary China
Modern China 2018-12-06

Peasant Cooperation and Agricultural Growth in Historical Perspective: Southeastern Shanxi in the 1950s
Modern China 2018-11-16

Political Resources and Divergent Court Empowerment in China: A Subnational Comparison
Modern China 2018-11-13

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