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A multilevel meta-analysis of effects of negative stereotypes of blacks in media on consumers’ attitudes
Media Psychology 2019-06-11

Thinking About Right and Wrong: Examining the Effect of Moral Conflict on Entertainment Experiences, and Knowledge
Media Psychology 2019-06-10

Source magnification of cyberhate: affective and cognitive effects of multiple-source hate messages on target group members
Media Psychology 2019-05-17

An emerging online social network and disaster-induced collective stress
Media Psychology 2019-05-16

Young children’s contingent interactions with a touchscreen influence their memory for spatial and narrative content
Media Psychology 2019-05-12

Tales of conflict: narrative immersion and political aggression in the United States
Media Psychology 2019-05-09

Mobile SNS Addiction as A Learned Behavior: A Perspective from Learning Theory
Media Psychology 2019-05-02

It’s a journey: from media effects to dynamic systems
Media Psychology 2019-05-02

From self-reliers to expert-dependents: identifying classes based on health-related need for autonomy and need for external control among mobile users
Media Psychology 2019-04-30

Content and person effects in media research: Studying differences in cognitive, emotional, and arousal responses to media content
Media Psychology 2019-04-30

How character goal pursuit “moves” audiences to share meaningful stories
Media Psychology 2019-04-29

Acting your avatar’s age: effects of virtual reality avatar embodiment on real life walking speed
Media Psychology 2019-04-24

Reviews, expectations, and the experience of stories
Media Psychology 2019-04-24

Can television help to decrease stigmatization among young children? The role of Theory of Mind and general and explicit inserts
Media Psychology 2019-04-22

The effects of news report valence and linguistic labels on prejudice against social minorities
Media Psychology 2019-04-18

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