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Association: International Association for Society and Natural Resources (@info_iasnr)
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Latest papers

A Review of Grassroots Global Governance
Society & Natural Resources 2019-04-13

Articulating Indigenous Rights Within the Inclusive Development Framework: An Assessment of Forest Stewardship Policies and Practices in British Columbia, Canada
Society & Natural Resources 2019-04-09

Tibetan Lake Expansion from a Pastoral Perspective: Local Observations and Coping Strategies for a Changing Environment
Society & Natural Resources 2019-04-09

The End of Sustainability: Resilience and the Future of Environmental Governance in the Anthropocene
Society & Natural Resources 2019-04-09

A comprehensive method for evaluating the impacts of race events on protected lands
Society & Natural Resources 2019-04-09

Leveraging Social Media to Understand Younger People’s Perceptions and Use of Hydroelectric Energy Landscapes
Society & Natural Resources 2019-04-09

“We Don’t Equal Even Just One Man”: Gender and Social Control in Conservation Adoption
Society & Natural Resources 2019-04-03

Children of Another Land: Social Disarticulation, Access to Natural Resources and the Reconfiguration of Authority in Post Resettlement
Society & Natural Resources 2019-04-03

A Review of: “The End of Sustainability: Resilience and the Future of Environmental Governance in the Anthropocene”
Society & Natural Resources 2019-04-01

Constructing the Klamath: Nature, Culture, and the Management of a Western River
Society & Natural Resources 2019-04-01

Growing Political: Violence, Community Forestry, and Environmental Defender Subjectivity
Society & Natural Resources 2019-04-01

Eco-Ethnography and Citizen Science: Lessons from Within
Society & Natural Resources 2019-04-01

The End of the (Research) World As We Know It? Understanding and Coping With Declining Response Rates to Mail Surveys
Society & Natural Resources 2019-03-29

Understanding the Past and Present and Predicting the Future: Farmers’ Use of Multiple Nutrient Best Management Practices in the Upper Midwest
Society & Natural Resources 2019-03-28

Arrest Rates during Natural Resource Development: Drilling, Drinking and Disorderly Conduct in the Marcellus Shale Region
Society & Natural Resources 2019-03-28

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