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Latest papers

The devil is in the detail: deception and consistency over repeated interviews
Psychology, Crime & Law 2019-01-31

How to induce resistance to the misinformation effect? Characteristics of positive feedback in the reinforced self-affirmation procedure.
Psychology, Crime & Law 2019-01-29

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Psychology, Crime & Law 2019-01-21

Achieving Cumulative Progress in Understanding Crime: Some Insights from the Philosophy of Science
Psychology, Crime & Law 2019-01-18

Understanding Crime: A Multilevel Approach
Psychology, Crime & Law 2019-01-18

Understanding desistance: a critical review of theories of desistance
Psychology, Crime & Law 2019-01-08

Evolutionary approaches to understanding crime: explaining the gender gap in offending
Psychology, Crime & Law 2018-12-20

The psychology of criminal conduct: A consideration of strengths, weaknesses and future directions
Psychology, Crime & Law 2018-12-18

Developmental and Life-Course Explanations of Offending
Psychology, Crime & Law 2018-12-18

The importance of scientific method for psychological science
Psychology, Crime & Law 2018-12-11

Incorporating Sociocultural and Situational Factors into Explanations of Interpersonal Violent Crime
Psychology, Crime & Law 2018-12-11

The Classification of Offending and Crime Related Problems: A Functional Perspective
Psychology, Crime & Law 2018-12-06

Gender differences in violent offending: Results from a multicentre comparison study in Dutch forensic psychiatry
Psychology, Crime & Law 2018-12-04

Adults’ Perceptions of Children’s Referentially Ambiguous Responses
Psychology, Crime & Law 2018-11-28

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Psychology, Crime & Law 2018-11-24

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