Social Movement Studies

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Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Founded in: 2002
URL: https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/csms20/current
Twitter: @SocMovStudies
• 63/175 in Political Science (Web of Science 2017)
• 50/146 in Sociology (Web of Science 2017)
Category: Political Science Sociology

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     Median: 1
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     Average: 52
     Median: 53
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     Average: 2.8
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Latest papers

Changing the world one virgin at a time: abstinence pledgers, lifestyle movements, and social change
Social Movement Studies 2019-03-18

The football lads alliance: a sheen of respectability for Britain’s far-right, counter-jihadi movement
Social Movement Studies 2019-03-14

US military bases and anti-military organizing: an ethnography of an air force base in Ecuador
Social Movement Studies 2019-03-06

Cooptation and non-cooptation: elite strategies in response to social protest
Social Movement Studies 2019-02-18

Our actions define who we are: pragmatic praxis and tactical tastes
Social Movement Studies 2019-02-04

Party activism: the permeability of the asylum protest arena in Austria
Social Movement Studies 2019-01-29

Between organization and spontaneity of protests: the 2010–2011 Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings
Social Movement Studies 2019-01-23

The reconfiguration of social movements in post-2011 Romania
Social Movement Studies 2019-01-09

Grassroots collective action within and beyond institutional and state solutions: the (re-)politicization of everyday life in crisis-ridden Greece
Social Movement Studies 2019-01-02

Political translation: how social movement democracies survive
Social Movement Studies 2018-12-26

Significance of protesters’ words during Gezi Park protests: finding implicit meanings in sticky notes and tweets
Social Movement Studies 2018-12-26

“Nobody’s paying me to cry”: the causes of activist burnout in United States animal rights activists
Social Movement Studies 2018-12-25

Anti-gender campaigns in Europe: mobilizing against equality
Social Movement Studies 2018-12-25

Workers and thieves. Labor movements and popular uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt
Social Movement Studies 2018-12-24

Civil society and regional governance: the Asian development bank and the association of Southeast Asian nations
Social Movement Studies 2018-12-24

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