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Latest papers

How do Human Rights Fit into the Debate? The Representation and Frames of Social Movement Organizations in a Newspaper Debate on the 2010 French Eviction and Expulsion of Roma Migrants
Journalism Studies 2019-03-07

Blue-Collar Witnesses to Power: The Culture of Photographers at the Associated Press
Journalism Studies 2019-03-06

NO QUICK FIX: How Journalists Assess the Impact and Define the Boundaries of Solutions Journalism
Journalism Studies 2019-03-01

News on Events and Social Media: A Comparative Analysis of Facebook Users’ Reactions
Journalism Studies 2019-03-01

Consumptive News Feed Curation on Social Media as Proactive Personalization: A Study of Six East Asian Markets
Journalism Studies 2019-03-01

News Users on Facebook: Interaction Strategies on the Pages of El Paìs, la Repubblica, Le Monde, and The Guardian
Journalism Studies 2019-02-14

Blurred Boundaries: Toning Ethics in News Routines
Journalism Studies 2019-02-07

Field and Ecology Approaches to Journalism Innovation: The Role of Ancillary Organizations
Journalism Studies 2019-01-25

Mapping Transnational Journalism in the Age of Flows: Or How I Ditched “Foreign Correspondence” and the “Immigrant Press” and Started to Love Histoire Croisée
Journalism Studies 2019-01-24

Charging More and Wondering Why Readership Declined? A Longitudinal Study of U.S. Newspapers’ Price Hikes, 2008–2016
Journalism Studies 2019-01-18

Virtual Reality, 360° Video, and Journalism Studies: Conceptual Approaches to Immersive Technologies
Journalism Studies 2019-01-17

Fake News as Discursive Integration: An Analysis of Sites That Publish False, Misleading, Hyperpartisan and Sensational Information
Journalism Studies 2019-01-14

Foundation Funding and the Boundaries of Journalism
Journalism Studies 2019-01-11

Comparing Journalism Cultures in Britain and Germany: Confrontation, Contextualization, Conformity
Journalism Studies 2019-01-09

360° Video Journalism: Experimental Study on the Effect of Immersion on News Experience and Distant Suffering
Journalism Studies 2019-01-04

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