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Latest papers

Media Hierarchies of Attention: News Values and Australia’s Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse
Journalism Studies 2019-06-25

Journalists as Knowledge Brokers
Journalism Studies 2019-06-24

Refugee and Asylum News Coverage in UK Print and Online Media
Journalism Studies 2019-06-21

Do Reconstructive and Attributive Quotes in News Narratives Influence Engagement, Credibility and Realism?
Journalism Studies 2019-06-21

Weathering the Storm: Occupational Stress in Journalists Who Covered Hurricane Harvey
Journalism Studies 2019-06-18

“Like Being Shot in the Face” or “I’m Glad I’m Out”: Journalists’ Experiences of Job Loss in the Australian Media Industry 2012–2014
Journalism Studies 2019-06-17

The Gift of News: Phatic News Sharing on Social Media for Social Cohesion
Journalism Studies 2019-06-14

The Rise of a Populist Zeitgeist? A Content Analysis of Populist Media Coverage in Newspapers Published between 1990 and 2017
Journalism Studies 2019-05-22

Smartphones, Wechat and Paid Content: Journalists and Sources in a Chinese Newspaper
Journalism Studies 2019-05-21

To Pass or Not to Pass: How Corporate Characteristics Affect Corporate Visibility and Tone in Company News Coverage
Journalism Studies 2019-05-08

From Interactions to the Mediatization of Politics. How the Relationships Between Journalists and Political Actors Explain Media Influences on Political Processes and the Presentation of Politics
Journalism Studies 2019-04-17

Direct Reader Address in Health-related Online News Articles: Imposing Problems and Projecting Desires for Action and Change onto Readers
Journalism Studies 2019-04-11

Interactions between Journalists Located in Different Sides of a Conflict: A Comparative Study of Two Conflict Zones
Journalism Studies 2019-04-09

Media Agenda Diversity and Intermedia Agenda Setting in a Controlled Media Environment: A Computational Analysis of China’s Online News
Journalism Studies 2019-04-08

Coping with Audience Hostility. How Journalists’ Experiences of Audience Hostility Influence Their Editorial Decisions
Journalism Studies 2019-04-04

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