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Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Founded in: 1960
URL: https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/china-quarterly
Twitter: @chinaquarterly
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Category: Area Studies

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The Challenge of Implementing the Belt and Road Initiative in the Middle East: Connectivity Projects under Conditions of Limited Political Engagement
China Quarterly 2019-01-10

Strategic Public Shaming: Evidence from Chinese Antitrust Investigations
China Quarterly 2019-01-10

Taiwan's Road to Marriage Equality: Politics of Legalizing Same-sex Marriage
China Quarterly 2018-12-21

The Making of a Modern Art World: Institutionalisation and Legitimisation of Guohua in Republican Shanghai Pedith Pui Chan Leiden: Brill, 2017 xi + 374 pp. €140.00; $161.00 ISBN 978-90-04-33809-8
China Quarterly 2018-12-20

The Great Han: Race, Nationalism, and Tradition in China Today Kevin Carrico Oakland: University of California Press, 2017 xiv + 264 pp. ISBN 978-0-520-29550-6
China Quarterly 2018-12-20

The World in Guangzhou: Africans and Other Foreigners in South China's Global Marketplace Gordon Mathews, with Linessa Dan Lin and Yang Yang Chicago, IL, and London: University of Chicago Press, 2017 viii + 252 pp. $27.50; £20.50 ISBN 978-0-226-50610-4
China Quarterly 2018-12-20

China as a Polar Great Power Anne-Marie Brady Cambridge, UK, and Washington, DC: Woodrow Wilson Center xix + 273 pp. $29.99 ISBN 978-1-31683200-4
China Quarterly 2018-12-20

Allen Seuss Whiting, 1926–2018
China Quarterly 2018-12-20

Demain la Chine: démocratie ou dictature? Jean-Pierre Cabestan Paris: Gallimard, 2018 304 pp. €22.00 ISBN 978-2-07-278766-9
China Quarterly 2018-12-20

Chinese Language in Law: Code Red Deborah Cao Lanham, Boulder, New York and London: Lexington Books, 2018 xii + 200 pp. $95.00; £65.00 ISBN 978-1-4985-0395-2
China Quarterly 2018-12-20

Zouping Revisited: Adaptive Governance in a Chinese County Edited by Jean C. Oi and Steven Goldstein Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 2018 ix + 225 pp. $60.00; £50.00 ISBN 978-1-5036-0400-1
China Quarterly 2018-12-20

Gender and Employment in Rural China Jing Song London and New York: Routledge, 2017 xi + 149 pp. £105.00 ISBN 978-1-138-91576-3
China Quarterly 2018-12-20

Song King: Connecting People, Places, and Past in Contemporary China Levi S. Gibbs Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i Press, 2018 viii + 271 pp. $65.00; £85.00 ISBN 978-0-8248-6990-8
China Quarterly 2018-12-20

A Death in Hong Kong: The MacLennan Case of 1980 and the Suppression of a Scandal Nigel Collett Hong Kong: City University of Hong Kong Press, 2018 xxxi + 499 pp. HK$278.00; $45.00 ISBN 978-962-937-347-4
China Quarterly 2018-12-20

China's Governance Puzzle: Enabling Transparency and Participation in a Single-Party State Jonathan R. Stromseth, Edmund J. Malesky and Dimitar D. Gueorguiev Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press, 2017 xix + 326 pp. $34.99 ISBN 978-1-107-5
China Quarterly 2018-12-20

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