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The Origins of the 17-Point Agreement of 23 May 1951 between the Chinese Central Government and the Tibetan “Local Government”
China Quarterly 2019-05-22

The Biological Standard of Living in China during the 20th Century
China Quarterly 2019-05-22

Producing Chinese Urban Landscapes of Public Art: The Urban Sculpture Scene in Shanghai
China Quarterly 2019-05-17

Understanding Bachelorhood in Poverty-stricken and High Sex Ratio Settings: An Exploratory Study in Rural Shaanxi, China
China Quarterly 2019-04-11

Bringing Art Market Organizations to China: Cross-Border Isomorphism, Institutional Work and its Unintended Consequences
China Quarterly 2019-04-11

To Serve the People: Income, Region and Citizen Attitudes towards Governance in China (2003–2016)
China Quarterly 2019-04-11

Charitable Crowdfunding in China: An Emergent Channel for Setting Policy Agendas?
China Quarterly 2019-04-11

Amending Chinese Copyright Law to Fulfil Obligations under the Marrakesh Treaty to Facilitate Access to Published Works for the Print Disabled
China Quarterly 2019-04-08

Digital Media Experiments in China: “Revolutionizing” Persuasion under Xi Jinping
China Quarterly 2019-04-08

A Late Maoist Industrial Revolution? Economic Growth in Jiangsu Province (1966–1978)
China Quarterly 2019-04-05

Gauging the South China Sea: Route Books (genglubu) since 1974
China Quarterly 2019-04-04

A City Mismanaged: Hong Kong's Struggle for Survival Leo Goodstadt Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2018 xi + 227 pp. £28.00 ISBN 978-988-8455-98-0
China Quarterly 2019-03-13

Formulas for Motherhood in a Chinese Hospital Suzanne Gottschang Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2018 xi + 246 pp. $75.00 ISBN 978-0-472-13075-7
China Quarterly 2019-03-13

Diaspora's Homeland: Modern China in the Age of Global Migration Shelly Chan Durham, NC, and London: Duke University Press, 2018 xiv + 264 pp. $25.95; £19.99 ISBN 978-0-8223-7054-3
China Quarterly 2019-03-13

Red Swan: How Unorthodox Policy Making Facilitated China's Rise Sebastian Heilmann Hong Kong: The Chinese University Press, 2018 viii + 267 pp. $49.00 ISBN 978-962-996-827-4
China Quarterly 2019-03-13

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