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Dryden v Johnson Matthey : The Boundaries of Actionable Damage
Modern Law Review 2019-04-18

Nils Jansen and Reinhard Zimmermann (eds), Commentaries on European Contract Laws, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018, 2384 pp, hb £395.00.
Modern Law Review 2019-04-10

Christoph Kletzer, The Idea of a Pure Theory of Law, Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2018, 150 pp, hb £54.00.
Modern Law Review 2019-04-10

Grégoire Webber, Paul Yowell, Richard Ekins, Maris Köpcke, Bradley W. Miller and Francisco J. Urbina, Legislated Rights: Securing Human Rights Through Legislation, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018, 209 pp, hb £85.00.
Modern Law Review 2019-04-10

James Plunkett, The Duty of Care in Negligence, Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2018, xxiv + 256 pp, hb £55.00.
Modern Law Review 2019-04-10

There is No Such Thing as a Safe Space
Modern Law Review 2019-04-10

Ratna Kapur, Gender, Alterity and Human Rights: Freedom in a Fishbowl, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2018, 328 pp, £90.00.
Modern Law Review 2019-04-10

A. E. L. Brown and Charlotte Waelde (eds), Research Handbook on Intellectual Property and Creative Industries, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2018, 416 pp, hb £170.00.
Modern Law Review 2019-04-10

Reconsidering Transferred Loss
Modern Law Review 2019-04-08

Just Cognition: Scientific Research on Bias and Some Implications for Legal Procedure and Decision‐Making
Modern Law Review 2019-04-01

Constitutional Directives: Morally‐Committed Political Constitutionalism
Modern Law Review 2019-03-28

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