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Founded in: 2001
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Latest papers

From “can-do” girls to insecure and angry: affective dissonances in young women’s post-recessional media
Feminist Media Studies 1982-09-09

“Have you tried ginger?”: severe pregnancy sickness and intensive mothering on Instagram
Feminist Media Studies 2019-06-18

We (all) can’t have it all: demystifying celebrity motherhood in the face of precarious lives
Feminist Media Studies 2019-06-17

The “baby brain” stereotype and policing of pregnant women’s competence
Feminist Media Studies 2019-06-17

Beyond the pregnant man: representing trans pregnancy in A Deal With The Universe
Feminist Media Studies 2019-06-13

South Korean cyberfeminism and trolling: the limitation of online feminist community Womad as counterpublic
Feminist Media Studies 2019-06-10

#ShePersisted, Mitch: a memetic critical discourse analysis on an attempted Instagram feminist revolution
Feminist Media Studies 2019-06-04

Nike unveils Muslim women athletes
Feminist Media Studies 2019-05-28

“An AI doesn’t need a gender“ (but it’s still assigned one): paradigm shift of the artificially created woman in film
Feminist Media Studies 2019-05-28

Haunting and queer histories: representing memory in Jill Soloway’s Transparent
Feminist Media Studies 2019-05-23

Yes to bezique, no to aqueduct: a critical discourse analysis of how U.S. news covers sororities
Feminist Media Studies 2019-05-23

The culture of fatherhood 2.0: exploring the “tiny public” of dad bloggers in North America
Feminist Media Studies 2019-05-20

Safety valves for mediated female rage in the #MeToo era
Feminist Media Studies 2019-05-20

Feminist anger and feminist respair
Feminist Media Studies 2019-05-17

Fuck the patriarchy: towards an intersectional politics of irreverent rage
Feminist Media Studies 2019-05-17

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