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Shedding new light on the (in)compatibility of chronic disease management with everyday life – social practice theory, mobile technologies and the interwoven time‐spaces of life
Sociology of Health & Illness 2019-05-24

Research campaigns in the UK National Health Service: patient recruitment and questions of valuation
Sociology of Health & Illness 2019-05-23

New public management, physicians and populism: Turkey's experience with health reforms
Sociology of Health & Illness 2019-05-22

Yeomans, H.Alcohol and Moral Regulation: Public Attitudes, Spirited Measures and Victorian Hangovers. Policy Press. 2014. 279 pp. $115.83 (CAD) (hardcover) ISBN 1447309936
Sociology of Health & Illness 2019-05-22

Brossard, B.Why Do We Hurt Ourselves? Understanding Self‐Harm in Social Life. Indianapolis and Bloomington: Indiana University Press. 2018. 190 pp $80 (cloth) $25 (pbk) $24.99 (ebk) ISBN 978‐0‐253‐03639‐1
Sociology of Health & Illness 2019-05-22

Engdahl, E.Depressive Love: A Social Pathology. London: Routledge. 2018. 122pp. ISBN: 9781138050150
Sociology of Health & Illness 2019-05-20

Prainsack, B. Personalized Medicine: Empowered Patients in the 21st Century?New York: New York University Press. 2017. 288 pp.
Sociology of Health & Illness 2019-05-18

Bates, C.Vital Bodies: Living with Illness. Bristol: Policy Press. 2019. 113 pp £75.00 (hdbk) £21.99 (pbk) £21.99 (ebk) ISBN 978‐1‐4473‐3506‐1
Sociology of Health & Illness 2019-05-17

Exploring the neglected and hidden dimensions of large‐scale healthcare change
Sociology of Health & Illness 2019-05-17

Understanding behaviour change in context: examining the role of midstream social marketing programmes
Sociology of Health & Illness 2019-05-17

Palfrey, C.The Future for Health Promotion. Bristol: Policy Press. 2018. 224 pp £24.99 (pbk) £24.99 (ebk) ISBN 978‐1447341239
Sociology of Health & Illness 2019-05-17

Risk society online: Zika virus, social media and distrust in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Sociology of Health & Illness 2019-04-26

Home care as reablement or enabling arrangements? An exploration of the precarious dependencies in living with functional decline
Sociology of Health & Illness 2019-04-25

Organising through compassion: The introduction of meta‐virtue management in the NHS
Sociology of Health & Illness 2019-04-25

Wilson, K.J. Others’ Milk. The Potential of Exceptional Breastfeeding, New Brunswick and London: Rutgers University Press. 2018. 286 pp $27.95 Paperback. ISBN 978‐0‐8135‐9383‐8
Sociology of Health & Illness 2019-04-23

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