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Publisher: Wiley
Founded in: 1960
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Twitter: @SoRuralis
• 14/146 in Sociology (Web of Science 2017)
• 18/82 in Geography (Web of Science 2017)
Category: Sociology Geography

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     Average: 2
     Median: 3
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     Average: 69
     Median: 70

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Latest papers

The dynamics of self‐governance capacity: the Dutch rural civic initiative ‘Project Ulrum 2034’
Sociologia Ruralis 2019-06-05

Poverty and social exclusion in diversified rural contexts
Sociologia Ruralis 2019-05-31

Rural livelihood diversification: a solution for poverty in the post‐Soviet rural Baltic states?
Sociologia Ruralis 2019-05-30

Challenging Geographical Disadvantages and Social Exclusion: A Case Study of Gendered Rural Transformation in Mountain Villages in the Western Black Sea Region of Turkey
Sociologia Ruralis 2019-05-28

Rural Arts Festivals as Contributors to Rural Development and Resilience
Sociologia Ruralis 2019-05-28

The role of public private partnership in the governance of racialised poverty in a marginal rural area in Hungary
Sociologia Ruralis 2019-05-23

The ambiguous experience of motherhood in the Western Bohemian countryside: Exploring rural gender inequalities through the framework of precarity
Sociologia Ruralis 2019-05-23

Potential and impediments to senior citizens’ volunteering to maintain basic services in shrinking regions
Sociologia Ruralis 2019-05-18

Where Have All the Rural Poor Gone? Explaining the Rural–Urban Poverty Gap in European Countries
Sociologia Ruralis 2019-05-10

Poetry, Painting and Change on the Edge of England
Sociologia Ruralis 2019-05-07

The Plight of the Honeybee: a Socioecological Analysis of large‐scale Beekeeping in the United States
Sociologia Ruralis 2019-05-06

Reassembling the rural: Socio‐economic dynamics, inequalities and resilience in crisis‐stricken rural Greece
Sociologia Ruralis 2019-05-02

Social Networks and Coping with Poverty in Rural Areas
Sociologia Ruralis 2019-04-26

Trapped in the past? The reproduction of poverty and marginality in a Hungarian manorial village
Sociologia Ruralis 2019-04-26

Food Regimes, Capital, State, and Class: Friedmann and McMichael Revisited
Sociologia Ruralis 2019-04-18

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