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Tracing the Gender Gap in Political Interest Over the Life Span: A Panel Analysis
Political Psychology 2019-05-29

National Days, National Identity, and Collective Memory: Exploring the Impact of Holocaust Day in Israel
Political Psychology 2019-05-28

Political Consequences of Partisan Prejudice
Political Psychology 2019-05-28

When Beliefs Lead to (Im)Moral Action: How Believing in Torture's Effectiveness Shapes the Endorsement of Its Use
Political Psychology 2019-05-28

The Mediating Role of Information Search in the Relationship Between Prejudice and Voting Behavior
Political Psychology 2019-05-27

Tracing the Boundaries of Motivated Reasoning: How Deliberative Minipublics Can Improve Voter Knowledge
Political Psychology 2019-05-10

Is There a Backlash Against Immigration From Richer Countries? International Hierarchy and the Limits of Group Threat
Political Psychology 2019-05-08

Intersectional Consciousness in Collective Victim Beliefs: Perceived Intragroup Differences Among Disadvantaged Groups
Political Psychology 2019-05-07

Follow Your Heart: Could Psychophysiology Be Associated with Political Discussion Network Homogeneity?
Political Psychology 2019-05-03

The Political Consequences of Combat: Post‐Traumatic Stress and Political Alienation Among Vietnam Veterans
Political Psychology 2019-04-24

Framing Political Risks: Individual Differences and Loss Aversion in Personal and Political Situations
Political Psychology 2019-04-16

They Might Be a Liar But They’re My Liar: Source Evaluation and the Prevalence of Misinformation
Political Psychology 2019-04-13

Does Partisan Bias Modulate Neural Processing of Political Information? An Analysis of the Neural Correlates of Corruption and Positive Messages
Political Psychology 2019-04-07

The Effect of Group Polarization on Opposition to Donald Trump
Political Psychology 2019-04-01

Voters’ Partisan Responses to Politicians’ Immoral Behavior
Political Psychology 2019-03-28

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