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Latest papers

‘Just doing their job?’ Journalism, online critique and the political resignation of Metiria Turei
Journalism 2019-03-18

Journalistic construction of congruence: Chinese media’s representation of common but differentiated responsibilities in environmental protection
Journalism 2019-03-18

The other ‘fake’ news: Professional ideals and objectivity ambitions in brand journalism
Journalism 2019-03-11

News coverage of human rights: Investigating determinants of media attention
Journalism 2019-03-08

Constructive journalism and Moyers’ dictum
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Risky satire: Examining how a traditional news outlet’s use of satire can affect audience perceptions and future engagement with the news source
Journalism 2019-03-07

Navigating conflicts of interest: Ethical policies of 12 exemplary Asian media organisations
Journalism 2019-03-01

Has India’s tripartite cooperation with Brazil and South Africa helped it combat human trafficking? A news media framing analysis spanning two decades
Journalism 2019-02-28

Building journalists’ resilience through mindfulness strategies
Journalism 2019-02-28

The use of experts in journalistic accounts of media events: A comparative study of the 2005 London Bombings in British, American, and Russian newspapers
Journalism 2019-02-21

Book Review: Johan Lidberg and Denis Muller In the Name of Security – Secrecy, Surveillance and Journalism
Journalism 2019-02-20

Religious motifs within reporting of the 7/7 London bombings in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Poland: A transnational agenda-setting network study
Journalism 2019-02-15

Effect of violation of social missions on public attitude towards a social enterprise crisis: Mediation of causal attribution and moderation of medium and framing of online articles
Journalism 2019-02-13

Book review: John Mair, Tor Clark, Neil Fowler, Raymond Snoddy and Richard Tait (eds) Anti-social media? The impact on journalism and society
Journalism 2019-02-08

What are newspaper editorials interested in? Understanding the idea of criteria of editorial-worthiness
Journalism 2019-02-07

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