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Latest papers

Servant of two masters: How social media editors balance between mass media logic and social media logic
Journalism 2019-05-20

Pathways to news commenting and the removal of the comment system on news websites
Journalism 2019-05-20

How journalists understand the threats and opportunities of new technologies: A study of security mind-sets and its implications for press freedom
Journalism 2019-05-20

‘Stay informed’, ‘become an insider’ or ‘drive change’: Repackaging newspaper subscriptions in the digital age
Journalism 2019-05-20

Once a journalist, not always a journalist? Causes and consequences of job changes from journalism to public relations
Journalism 2019-05-17

Who writes a press release? Changing audience perceptions of journalists as marketers of news, not just reporters
Journalism 2019-05-17

‘Picturing Afghan Women’ for Western audiences: The Afghan perspective
Journalism 2019-05-15

News agency output and the framing of television news crisis output: 9/11 as a case study
Journalism 2019-05-15

The role of public service journalism and television in fostering public voice and the capacity to consent: An analysis of Spanish viewers’ discourses
Journalism 2019-05-14

Whose voices are heard? The byline gender gap on Argentine news sites
Journalism 2019-05-14

Perceived individual and societal values of news and paying for subscriptions
Journalism 2019-05-13

Terms of reference and objectivity in US press reports in the Gulf War in 1990
Journalism 2019-05-10

Introduction to special issue about election reporting: Why journalism (still) matters
Journalism 2019-05-09

But her emails! How journalistic preferences shaped election coverage in 2016
Journalism 2019-05-09

‘Cheap Talk’? Second screening and the irrelevance of TV political debates
Journalism 2019-05-09

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