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Basic Information
Publisher: SAGE
Founded in: 2000
Category: Communication
• 36 / 94 in Communication

Authors per paper:
     Average: 2
     Median: 2
References per paper:
     Average: 46
     Median: 47

Journal Impact Factor (JIF) for Journalism:

  • 2021 Impact Factor: 3.194
  • 2020 Impact Factor: 4.436
  • 2019 Impact Factor: 3.179
  • 2018 Impact Factor: 2.691

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Authors who recently published in Journalism:
Scholar Affiliation
Toni G. L. A. van der Meer Netherlands
Danielle Deavours USA
Folker Hanusch Austria
Jingyi Guo Hong Kong
Thomas Olesen Denmark
Kecheng Fang Hong Kong
Mrs Liz Hannaford U.K.
Yida Zhai N/A