Men and Masculinities

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Latest papers

Book Review: Contemporary Masculinities in the UK and the US: Between Bodies and Systems
Men and Masculinities 2019-06-17

Book Review: Black Masculinity and the Cinema of Policing
Men and Masculinities 2019-05-29

Book Review: Let Us Make Men: The Twentieth-century Black Press and a Manly Vision for Racial Advancement
Men and Masculinities 2019-05-21

“Weak Is the New Strong”: Gendered Meanings of Recovery from Substance Abuse among Male Prisoners Participating in Narcotic Anonymous Meetings
Men and Masculinities 2019-05-16

Book Review: Amateur: A True Story about What Makes a Man
Men and Masculinities 2019-04-29

Book Review: Masculinity and New War: The Gendered Dynamics of Contemporary Armed Conflict
Men and Masculinities 2019-04-26

Book Review: Masculinities and Literary Studies: Intersections and New Directions
Men and Masculinities 2019-04-25

Book Review: Ecological Masculinities: Theoretical Foundations and Practical Guidance
Men and Masculinities 2019-04-10

Book Review: The Rise and Fall of Comradeship: Hitler’s Soldiers, Male Bonding and Mass Violence in the Twentieth Century
Men and Masculinities 2019-04-10

Book Review: Hegemonic Masculinity: Formulation, Reformulation, and Amplification
Men and Masculinities 2019-04-05

Men and Masculinities 2019-03-25

Past, Present (and Future) of Studies of Literary Masculinities: A Case Study in Intersectionality
Men and Masculinities 2019-03-25

Vehicle for Southern African Knowledge? Men and Masculinities and Research from South Africa
Men and Masculinities 2019-03-25

Sigmund Had a Monkey
Men and Masculinities 2019-03-25

Merging Efforts: The Intersections of Domestic Violence Intervention, Men, and Masculinities
Men and Masculinities 2019-03-25

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