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Mobilizing Millennial Voters with Targeted Internet Advertisements: A Field Experiment
Political Communication 2019-01-11

More Bang for the Buck: Media Freedom and Organizational Strategies in the Agenda-Setting of Human Rights Groups
Political Communication 2019-01-09

Do Online Ads Influence Vote Choice?
Political Communication 2019-01-09

The Backbone Structure of Audience Networks: A New Approach to Comparing Online News Consumption Across Countries
Political Communication 2018-12-15

Incumbency Dominance in Letters to the Editor: Field Experimental Evidence
Political Communication 2018-12-05

Is Any Publicity Good Publicity? Media Coverage, Party Institutions, and Authoritarian Power-Sharing
Political Communication 2018-12-01

The (In)stability of Voters’ Perceptions of Competence and Associative Issue Ownership: The Role of Media Campaign Coverage
Political Communication 2018-11-30

Influential News: Impact of Print Media Reports on the Fulfillment of Election Promises
Political Communication 2018-11-27

Should the Media Be More or Less Powerful in Politics? Individual and Contextual Explanations for Politicians and Journalists
Political Communication 2018-11-14

Social Bots in Election Campaigns: Theoretical, Empirical, and Methodological Implications
Political Communication 2018-11-14

Getting Out the Vote With Voting Advice Applications
Political Communication 2018-11-07

How Accurate Are Survey Responses on Social Media and Politics?
Political Communication 2018-11-06

New Approaches to Method and Measurement in the Study of Political Communication Effects
Political Communication 2018-11-06

Identifying Media Effects Through Low-Cost, Multiwave Field Experiments
Political Communication 2018-11-03

Blessing or Curse for Advocacy? How News Media Attention Helps Advocacy Groups to Achieve Their Policy Goals
Political Communication 2018-11-03

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