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Latest papers

The potential impact of synthetic animal protein on livestock production: The new “war against agriculture”?
Journal of Rural Studies 2019-03-20

Consumer-producer interactions in community-supported agriculture and their relevance for economic stability of the farm – An empirical study using an Analytic Hierarchy Process
Journal of Rural Studies 2019-03-20

Hunting communities of practice: Factors behind the social differentiation of hunters in modernity
Journal of Rural Studies 2019-03-20

Making space for community in super-productivist rural settings
Journal of Rural Studies 2019-03-18

Rural transformation in central Myanmar: By how much, and for whom?
Journal of Rural Studies 2019-03-16

Institutional analysis of rules governing trade in African Leafy Vegetables and implications for smallholder inclusion: Case of schools and restaurants in rural Kenya
Journal of Rural Studies 2019-03-16

Between words: A generational discussion about farming knowledge sources
Journal of Rural Studies 2019-03-12

Good farming beyond farmland – Riparian environments and the concept of the ‘good farmer’
Journal of Rural Studies 2019-03-09

Property rights and rural justice: A study of U.S. right-to-farm laws
Journal of Rural Studies 2019-03-09

Who do growers trust? Engaging biosecurity knowledges to negotiate risk management in the north Queensland banana industry, Australia
Journal of Rural Studies 2019-03-08

The importance of non-farm livelihoods for household food security and dietary diversity in rural Myanmar
Journal of Rural Studies 2019-03-06

Preference for local food as a matter of helping behaviour: Insights from Norway
Journal of Rural Studies 2019-03-03

Choice and quantity demand for improved and unimproved public water sources in rural areas: Evidence from Benin
Journal of Rural Studies 2019-03-02

The Suzhi farmer: Constructing and contesting farming Subjectivities in post-Socialist China
Journal of Rural Studies 2019-02-25

Agriculture and everyday realities on small farms – An entrepreneurial challenge to farmers between the desire for autonomy and a secure existence. Two examples from east and south-east Poland
Journal of Rural Studies 2019-02-23

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