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Latest papers

Rural innovations in biosphere reserves – A social network approach
Journal of Rural Studies 2019-01-18

A survey of communication media preferred by smallholder farmers in the Gweru District of Zimbabwe
Journal of Rural Studies 2019-01-15

Reaching rural: Identifying implicit social networks in community development programmes
Journal of Rural Studies 2019-01-11

Exploring spatial differences in the risk of child stunting: Evidence from a South African national panel survey
Journal of Rural Studies 2019-01-03

Leading rural land conflict as citizens and leaving it as denizens: Inside forest conservation politics in Burkina Faso
Journal of Rural Studies 2018-12-23

How should unconventional oil and gas be regulated? The role of natural resource dependence and economic insecurity
Journal of Rural Studies 2018-12-23

Methodological fallacies and perceptions of rural disparity: How rural proofing addresses real versus abstract needs
Journal of Rural Studies 2018-12-23

Reconceptualizing rapid energy resource development and its impacts: Thinking regionally, spatially and intersectionally
Journal of Rural Studies 2018-12-21

Analysis of rural economic restructuring driven by e-commerce based on the space of flows: The case of Xiaying village in central China
Journal of Rural Studies 2018-12-20

Exploring cooperative place-based approaches to restorative agriculture
Journal of Rural Studies 2018-12-17

A relational perspective on the dynamics of the organic sector in Austria, Italy, and France
Journal of Rural Studies 2018-12-15

Making health and wellbeing: Sport and women's care in rural Canada
Journal of Rural Studies 2018-12-01

Gender and mechanization: Exploring the sustainability of mechanized forage chopping in Tanzania
Journal of Rural Studies 2018-11-27

New Immigration Destinations (NID) unravelling the challenges and opportunities for migrants and for host communities
Journal of Rural Studies 2018-11-12

Migrant integration in rural New Immigration Destinations: An institutional and triangular perspective
Journal of Rural Studies 2018-11-09

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