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Latest papers

The influence of network structure and prosocial cultural norms on charitable giving: A multilevel analysis of Movember’s fundraising campaigns in 24 countries
Social Networks 2019-04-19

Formal and informal cross-cluster networks and the role of funding: A multi-level network analysis of the collaboration among publicly and privately funded cluster organizations and their managers
Social Networks 2019-04-12

Team efficiency and network structure: The case of professional League of Legends
Social Networks 2019-04-03

What drives participatory policy processes: Grassroot activities, scientific knowledge or donor money? – A comparative policy network approach
Social Networks 2019-04-03

Inequality in social capital in Chile: Assessing the importance of network size and contacts’ occupational prestige on status attainment
Social Networks 2019-03-14

Stability and dynamics of communities on online question–answer sites
Social Networks 2019-03-13

The networks and success of female entrepreneurs in China
Social Networks 2019-03-08

Multiple partitioning of multiplex signed networks
Social Networks 2019-03-07

Toxic ties: corporate networks of market control in the European chemical industry, 1960–2000
Social Networks 2019-02-25

Gender network dynamics in prosocial and aggressive behavior of early adolescents
Social Networks 2019-02-10

Naïve learning in social networks with random communication
Social Networks 2019-02-10

Exploring small-world network with an elite-clique: Bringing embeddedness theory into the dynamic evolution of a venture capital network
Social Networks 2019-01-04

Network dynamics of affiliative ties in preschool peer groups
Social Networks 2019-01-02

Multiplicative coevolution regression models for longitudinal networks and nodal attributes
Social Networks 2019-01-01

Collapse of an online social network: Burning social capital to create it?
Social Networks 2018-12-18

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