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Who replies to consultations, and what do they say? The case of broadband universal service in the UK
Telecommunications Policy 2019-06-11

The EU State aid policy for broadband: An evaluation of the Italian experience with first generation networks
Telecommunications Policy 2019-06-10

Broadband speed and unemployment rates: Data and measurement issues
Telecommunications Policy 2019-06-05

Is business lobbying in the European Union context-dependent? Evidence from the policy field of radio spectrum
Telecommunications Policy 2019-05-24

Path dependencies versus efficiencies in regulation: Evidence from “old” and “new” broadband markets in the EU
Telecommunications Policy 2019-05-24

Evaluating the efficiency change and productivity progress of the top global telecom operators since OTT's prevalence
Telecommunications Policy 2019-05-24

Room for improvement: Why Korea's leading ICT ODA program has failed to combat corruption
Telecommunications Policy 2019-05-16

On the regional impact of broadband on productivity: The case of Brazil
Telecommunications Policy 2019-05-13

The evolving 5G case study in spectrum management and industrial policy
Telecommunications Policy 2019-05-08

Governance and social media in African countries: An empirical investigation
Telecommunications Policy 2019-05-07

The European digital single market strategy: Local indicators of spatial association 2011–2016
Telecommunications Policy 2019-05-07

Race, ethnicity, and telecommunications policy issues of access and representation: Centering communities of color and their concerns
Telecommunications Policy 2019-05-07

Exploring the key services and players in the smart car market
Telecommunications Policy 2019-05-02

Club convergence and drivers of digitalization across Indian states
Telecommunications Policy 2019-05-01

The persistence of broadband user behavior: Implications for universal service and competition policy
Telecommunications Policy 2019-04-29

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