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Latest papers

Technology neutrality: Exploring the interaction between International Mobile Telecommunication and national spectrum management policies
Telecommunications Policy 2019-02-15

E-health/m-health adoption and lifestyle improvements: Exploring the roles of technology readiness, the expectation-confirmation model, and health-related information activities
Telecommunications Policy 2019-02-12

Effects of broadband availability on total factor productivity in service sector firms: Evidence from Ireland
Telecommunications Policy 2019-01-29

Has Europe missed the endgame of telecommunications policy?
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A dynamic policy license for flexible spectrum management
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Reforming the lifeline program: Regulatory federalism in action?
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Legal separation of BT: A necessary incentive for investment?
Telecommunications Policy 2019-01-29

Closing information asymmetries: A scale agnostic approach for exploring equity implications of broadband provision
Telecommunications Policy 2019-01-29

Information communications technology and economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa: A panel data approach
Telecommunications Policy 2019-01-29

Models for individual adoption of eCommerce, eBanking and eGovernment in Spain
Telecommunications Policy 2019-01-29

Understanding the trend to mobile-only internet connections:A decomposition analysis
Telecommunications Policy 2019-01-29

WiFi4EU: Techno-economic analysis of a key European Commission initiative for public connectivity
Telecommunications Policy 2019-01-22

The data economy and data-driven ecosystems: Regulation, frameworks and case studies
Telecommunications Policy 2019-01-04

The importance of internal alignment in smart city initiatives: An ecosystem approach
Telecommunications Policy 2018-12-29

Are social media companies motivated to be good corporate citizens? Examination of the connection between corporate social responsibility and social media safety
Telecommunications Policy 2018-12-16

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