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Fueling investments - The effect of the Agreement on Basic Telecommunications
Telecommunications Policy 2019-04-16

Technology, education, and economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa
Telecommunications Policy 2019-04-16

Pricing of mobile phone attributes at the retail level in a developing country: Hedonic analysis
Telecommunications Policy 2019-04-16

Welfare effects of switching barriers through permanence clauses: Evidence from the mobiles market in Colombia
Telecommunications Policy 2019-04-16

Quality-adjusted international price comparisons of mobile telecommunications services
Telecommunications Policy 2019-04-16

Global discourse on ICT and the shaping of ICT policy in developing countries
Telecommunications Policy 2019-04-16

The reluctant regulator: The Rural Utilities Service and American broadband policy
Telecommunications Policy 2019-04-16

Nexus between telecommunication infrastructures, economic growth and development in Africa: Panel vector autoregression (P-VAR) analysis
Telecommunications Policy 2019-04-16

An institutional analysis of environmental management in the Korean mobile communications industry
Telecommunications Policy 2019-04-04

A business case for 5G mobile broadband in a dense urban area
Telecommunications Policy 2019-04-01

A new direction for the net neutrality debate
Telecommunications Policy 2019-03-27

An analysis of the disruptive impact of the entry of Free Mobile into the French mobile telecommunications market
Telecommunications Policy 2019-03-27

Lopsided effects of telecom reforms on mobile markets in the enlarged EU: Evidence from dynamic quantile model
Telecommunications Policy 2019-03-27

The rural telecommuter surplus in Southwestern Ontario, Canada
Telecommunications Policy 2019-03-27

Diffusion of mobile telephony: Analysis of determinants in Cameroon
Telecommunications Policy 2019-03-27

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