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Latest papers

Parallel lines? Policy mood in a plurinational democracy
Electoral Studies 2019-02-15

The leaky pipeline and sacrificial lambs: Gender, candidate nomination, and district assignment in South Korea's national legislative elections
Electoral Studies 2019-02-15

Election fraud, digit tests and how humans fabricate vote counts - An experimental approach
Electoral Studies 2019-02-10

Decision period and Duverger's psychological effect in FPTP elections: Evidence from India
Electoral Studies 2019-02-04

Fraud, grievances, and post-election protests in competitive authoritarian regimes
Electoral Studies 2019-01-31

Misleading ballot position cue: Party voting in Korea's nonpartisan local elections
Electoral Studies 2019-01-29

What consideration sets can teach us about electoral competition: A two-hurdle model
Electoral Studies 2019-01-21

Channelling attention and choice? Examining effects of consideration sets on electoral decision-making
Electoral Studies 2019-01-21

Consideration set models of electoral choice: Theory, method, and application
Electoral Studies 2019-01-21

Sequential vote choice: Applying a consideration set model of heterogeneous decision processes
Electoral Studies 2019-01-21

Insurance strategic considerations in coalition-oriented systems: A consideration set model approach
Electoral Studies 2019-01-21

How (often) do voters change their consideration sets?
Electoral Studies 2019-01-21

Attributing responsibility in devolved contexts. Experimental evidence from the UK
Electoral Studies 2019-01-11

Immigrant influx and generational politics: A comparative case study of Hong Kong and Taiwan
Electoral Studies 2019-01-02

Ethnic minority voters in the UK 2015 general election: A breakthrough for the Conservative party?
Electoral Studies 2018-12-24

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