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Latest papers

Signalling issue salience: Explaining niche party support in second-order elections
Electoral Studies 2019-05-23

Under friendly fire: An experiment on partisan press, fragmented opposition and voting behavior
Electoral Studies 2019-05-21

The political geography of electoral autocracies: The influence of party strongholds on political beliefs in Africa
Electoral Studies 2019-05-19

How the Alternative for Germany (AfD) and their voters veered to the radical right, 2013–2017
Electoral Studies 2019-05-18

The path from trade to right-wing populism in Europe
Electoral Studies 2019-05-18

What is the cost of voting?
Electoral Studies 2019-05-17

Economic or cultural backlash? Rethinking outsiders’ voting behavior
Electoral Studies 2019-05-17

Feelings about party leaders as a voter's heuristic – what happens when the leaders change? A note
Electoral Studies 2019-05-17

An analysis of the changing social bases of America's political parties: Group support in the 2012 and 2016 presidential elections
Electoral Studies 2019-05-14

How voters form associative issue ownership perceptions. An analysis of specific issues
Electoral Studies 2019-04-28

Bad characters or just more polarization? The rise of extremely negative feelings for presidential candidates
Electoral Studies 2019-04-28

Labeling candidates as underdogs in political communications: The moderation of candidate-related factors
Electoral Studies 2019-04-28

A directional model of candidate evaluations in the 2016 presidential election
Electoral Studies 2019-04-22

Learning who not to vote for: The role of parental socialization in the development of negative partisanship
Electoral Studies 2019-04-22

Introduction: The 2016 U.S. presidential election and its understated stability
Electoral Studies 2019-04-13

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