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Publisher: Elsevier
Founded in: 1982
URL: https://www.journals.elsevier.com/electoral-studies
Twitter: @ElectoralStdies
• 88/176 in Political Science (Web of Science 2017)
Category: Political Science

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Latest papers

Attributing responsibility in devolved contexts. Experimental evidence from the UK
Electoral Studies 2019-01-11

Immigrant influx and generational politics: A comparative case study of Hong Kong and Taiwan
Electoral Studies 2019-01-02

Ethnic minority voters in the UK 2015 general election: A breakthrough for the Conservative party?
Electoral Studies 2018-12-24

Information and direct democracy: What voters learn about ballot measures and how it affects their votes
Electoral Studies 2018-12-24

What voters want from their parties: Testing the promise-keeping assumption
Electoral Studies 2018-12-24

Mobilizing different types of voters: The influence of campaign intensity on turnout in direct democratic votes
Electoral Studies 2018-12-24

Discussants that mobilise: Ethnicity, political discussion networks and voter turnout in Britain
Electoral Studies 2018-12-22

Does polarization affect even the inattentive? Assessing the relationship between political sophistication, policy orientations, and elite cues
Electoral Studies 2018-12-07

Mixed-member electoral systems, best loser rules, and the descriptive representation of women
Electoral Studies 2018-12-04

Is all PR good PR? How the content of media exposure affects candidate popularity
Electoral Studies 2018-12-04

Which kind of political campaign messages do people perceive as election pledges?
Electoral Studies 2018-12-01

Economic adversity and electoral participation of vulnerable socioeconomic groups
Electoral Studies 2018-12-01

The wisdom of crowds design for sensitive survey questions
Electoral Studies 2018-12-01

Leave and Remain voters’ knowledge of the EU after the referendum of 2016
Electoral Studies 2018-12-01

Racial proximity and campaign contributing
Electoral Studies 2018-12-01

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