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Latest papers

Automated aircraft tracking for park and landscape planning
Landscape and Urban Planning 2019-03-14

Spatial and temporal patterns of public and private land protection within the Blue Ridge and Piedmont ecoregions of the eastern US
Landscape and Urban Planning 2019-03-09

Personal and environmental drivers of resident participation in urban public woodland management – A longitudinal study
Landscape and Urban Planning 2019-03-08

Influence of visibility of wind farms on noise annoyance – A laboratory experiment with audio-visual simulations
Landscape and Urban Planning 2019-03-06

Retrospective and reconsideration: The first 25 years of the Steinitz framework for landscape architecture education and environmental design
Landscape and Urban Planning 2019-03-02

Does mapping improve public participation? Exploring the pros and cons of using public participation GIS in urban planning practices
Landscape and Urban Planning 2019-03-02

Ecosystem-based management revisited: Updating the concepts for urban forests
Landscape and Urban Planning 2019-03-02

Predictors of conservation value of Turkish cemeteries: A case study using orchids
Landscape and Urban Planning 2019-03-02

To draw or to cross the line? The landscape architect as boundary spanner in Dutch river management
Landscape and Urban Planning 2019-03-01

Quantifying the effects of projected urban growth on connectivity among wetlands in the Great Plains (USA)
Landscape and Urban Planning 2019-02-26

Landscape aesthetic modelling using Bayesian networks: Conceptual framework and participatory indicator weighting
Landscape and Urban Planning 2019-02-22

Assessing vulnerability and threat from housing development to Conservation Opportunity Areas in State Wildlife Action Plans across the United States
Landscape and Urban Planning 2019-02-22

Examining pedestrian satisfaction in gated and open communities: An integration of gradient boosting decision trees and impact-asymmetry analysis
Landscape and Urban Planning 2019-02-22

Persistence, loss and gain: Characterising mature green roof vegetation by functional composition
Landscape and Urban Planning 2019-02-21

Evaluating the effects of turf-replacement programs in Los Angeles
Landscape and Urban Planning 2019-02-20

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