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Revisiting economic threat and cultural concerns: Public opinion toward immigration and non-citizens by race
Social Science Research 2019-05-23

Social capital in the creation of cultural capital: Family structure, neighborhood cohesion, and extracurricular participation
Social Science Research 2019-05-23

Great Migration's great return? An examination of second-generation return migration to the South
Social Science Research 2019-05-23

No generalizable effect of income inequality on public support for governmental redistribution among rich democracies 1987–2010
Social Science Research 2019-05-23

The fairness identity and the emergence of inequality
Social Science Research 2019-05-23

Party identification, local context, and Australian attitudes toward immigration and asylum policy
Social Science Research 2019-05-23

When neighborhoods matter: Developmental timing and youth reading achievement and problem behaviors
Social Science Research 2019-05-23

Relative deprivation in context: How contextual status homogeneity shapes the relationship between disadvantaged social status and health
Social Science Research 2019-05-23

Does college education make people politically liberal?: Evidence from a natural experiment in South Korea
Social Science Research 2019-05-23

Separating the influence of inequality on burglary and robbery by level of analysis: A multilevel approach
Social Science Research 2019-05-23

Do Co-ethnic concentrated neighborhoods protect children with undocumented parents? Focusing on child behavioral functioning
Social Science Research 2019-05-23

The skill divide in post-unemployment job quality
Social Science Research 2019-05-21

Assessing the spatial scale of context effects: The example of neighbourhoods’ educational composition and its relevance for individual aspirations
Social Science Research 2019-05-15

The utility of a follow-up interview for respondents to a longitudinal survey with frequent measurement
Social Science Research 2019-05-07

Can non-cognitive skills compensate for background disadvantage? — the moderation of non-cognitive skills on family socioeconomic status and achievement during early childhood and early adolescence
Social Science Research 2019-05-02

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