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Latest papers

Exploring activation: A cross-country analysis of active labour market policies in Europe
Social Science Research 2019-03-09

The Goldilocks effect: Convergence in national income distributions, 1990–2015
Social Science Research 2019-03-09

Socioeconomic status gaps in child cognitive development in Germany and the United States
Social Science Research 2019-03-09

Birth cohort, ageing and gender ideology: Lessons from British panel data
Social Science Research 2019-03-09

How older people became less afraid of crime—An age-period-cohort analysis using repeated cross-sectional survey data
Social Science Research 2019-03-09

Trajectories of perceived neighborhood quality across the life course: Sociodemographic determinants and implications for well-being
Social Science Research 2019-03-09

Offers beyond the negotiating dyad: Including the excluded in a network exchange experiment
Social Science Research 2019-03-09

Parental influence and private school enrollment among children in blended families
Social Science Research 2019-03-09

Similar or divergent paths? Religious development of Christian and Muslim adolescents in Western Europe
Social Science Research 2019-03-09

What's not fair about work keeps Me up: Perceived unfairness about work impairs sleep through negative work-to-family spillover
Social Science Research 2019-03-08

Testing the content progression thesis: A longitudinal assessment of pornography use and preference for coercive and violent content among male adolescents
Social Science Research 2019-03-08

The reproduction of benefit receipt: Disentangling the intergenerational transmission
Social Science Research 2019-02-28

Cash vs. vouchers vs. gifts in web surveys of a mature panel study––Main effects in a long-term incentives experiment across three panel waves
Social Science Research 2019-02-28

Trajectories through postsecondary education and students’ life course transitions
Social Science Research 2019-02-26

In the mix: Social integration and social media adoption
Social Science Research 2019-02-25

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