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Corrigendum to “Does community social embeddedness promote generalized trust? An experimental test of the spillover effect” [Soc. Sci. Res. 73 126–145]
Social Science Research 2019-01-19

State government public goods spending and citizens' quality of life
Social Science Research 2019-01-19

What do government unions do? Public sector unions and nonunion wages, 1977–2015
Social Science Research 2019-01-19

The probability of poverty for mothers after childbirth and divorce in Europe: The role of social stratification and tax-benefit policies
Social Science Research 2019-01-19

How structural adjustment programs affect inequality: A disaggregated analysis of IMF conditionality, 1980–2014
Social Science Research 2019-01-15

Support of workplace diversity policies: The role of race, gender, and beliefs about inequality
Social Science Research 2019-01-15

Living in skipped generation households and happiness among middle-aged and older grandparents in China
Social Science Research 2019-01-12

Gender attitudes of police officers: Selection and socialization mechanisms in the life course
Social Science Research 2018-12-27

College as equalizer? Testing the selectivity hypothesis
Social Science Research 2018-12-24

Colorism and classism confounded: Perceptions of discrimination in Latin America
Social Science Research 2018-12-20

Strangers in their hometown: Demographic change, revitalization and community engagement in new Latino destinations
Social Science Research 2018-12-19

Are the faithful becoming less fruitful? The decline of conservative protestant fertility and the growing importance of religious practice and belief in childbearing in the US
Social Science Research 2018-12-18

The link between mothers' vulnerability to intimate partner violence and Children's human capital
Social Science Research 2018-12-18

The effect of concealed carry weapons laws on firearm sales
Social Science Research 2018-12-18

Intermarriage and mother-child relationships
Social Science Research 2018-12-14

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